A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life

A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life is a new Ayurvedic wellness brand, founded in Paris, from ex-fashion industry executive Monique Foy. They make ancient wellness tools, with modern parameters and their first hero product is a 100% copper Ayurvedic tongue cleaner. Tongue cleaning is the quickest, easiest and most instantly effective detox ritual...that you aren’t currently doing.

"Both a simple and efficient way to rid bacteria from your tongue and your best ally for fresh breath." -  BIBA FRANCE 

"Scraping has a lot of advantages : it not only tackles bad breath, it also gets your digestion going by activating saliva, helps fight cavities and protects your gums." -  FEELING BELGIUM

"The winning tongue cleaner is from A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life. More efficient and attractive than a plastic toothbrush, the copper arc-shaped tool scrapes to perfection. An ultra simple gesture that quickly becomes indispensable." -  ELLE PARIS

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