Allison Taylor, CO-Founder of Le Prunier

In September 2016, California-bred sisters Jacqueline, Allison and Elaine Taylor cofounded Le Prunier, an innovative and organic beauty line based on the Power of Plum. Dried plums originated from the Caucasus region of Western Asia, an area widely renowned as the "Land of Longevity" due to the incredible lifespan and exceptional health of its people. The plum has been called the "Fruit of Life" for centuries in this region. In November 2017, Allison launched together with her sister their first retail product with Neiman Marcus in Dallas, TX. Today, the sisters carry on the farm's legacy with a 4th generation perspective - tradition meets innovation.

What`s in your cosmetic case?

Chanel Les Beiges Foundation, Cle de Peau Concealer, Sisley Eye Concealer, Kosas Crème Blush in Velvet Melon, RMS Luminizer and RMS Lip Balm in Simply Vanilla, Anastasia eyebrow gel (a must), Nars Lip Pencil in Bettina, several Bobbi Brown eye shadow compacts, Glossier Primer, Lancome Artliner in black and brown and Maybelline Define-a-Lash Mascara.

Favorite face cleanser?

Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser.

Favorite night cream?

I don’t use a night cream – strictly Le Prunier. I find that it gives me all of the moisture I need. Creams tend to feel too heavy on my skin.

Favorite eye cream?

Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Eye Concentrate.

Favorite face serum/oil?

Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil, of course

Favorite shampoo/conditioner?

I’m using Prose right now and it’s great. I’ve used the same L’Oreal Nature’s Therapy Conditioner for years. I have really thick but fine hair and it’s super long – nothing detangles my hair better.

Favorite body product?

Coconut oil.

Supplement that you swear of?

I always take a probiotic, b12, and omega 3.

How often you work out per week?

2-3 times a week.

Which kind of workout?

I love to run. I played competitive sports my entire life so running is something that stuck with me. I’ll also mix it up with tennis or yoga from time to time. On weekends, I’ll hike with my pup.

Morning or evening workout?

Mornings on the weekend. Evenings during the week.

Time to go to bed?


Time to wake up?


Favorite place to wake up?

By the ocean with my boyfriend. I live in Santa Monica so I feel grateful every day that I see blue skies and the sea.

Shower or bath?

Shower. Although I love an occasional bath at night with Olverum Oil and Epsom salt.

What do you need to be surrounded by?

Positive people. Fresh flowers help too

Favorite drink?

Water with lemon or red wine.

Favorite restaurant?

Giorgio Baldi, Matsuhisa or Taverna Tony.

Favorite breakfast place?

Fountain Coffee Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel… silver dollar pancakes with strawberries and an orange juice. Or scrambled eggs and an almond latte from Joans on 3rd.

Favorite cuisine?

Italian or sushi.

Favorite dish to make?

Surf & turf.. lobster, steak, caesar salad and a bottle of red.

Favorite app?


Favorite book?

Too many. Einstein’s Dreams, Shantaram.

Favorite hotel?

Aman Tokyo. San Ysidro Ranch. Sunset Tower.

Favorite movie?

16 Candles.

Instagram to follow?


Favorite fashion store?

Barneys, What Goes Around Comes Around, Reformation.

Favorite city?

Tokyo, Paris & LA

Heels or flats?

Both! Flats during the day.

Favorite fashion brand?

Chanel, Levis, Saint Laurent and lots of vintage.

Favorite bag?

My black Saint Laurent bucket bag. It’s the perfect size.

Favorite shoes?

I love boots. Or classic silhouettes like Manolos & Gianvito Rossi.

I never leave the house withoud?

My iPhone.

A qoute which would describe you?

I don’t know if this necessarily describes me but my motto in life is, “There’s always a solution.”

Your personal beauty secret?

Lots of exercise, sleep and water.