I have always been passionate about beauty and natural-based products. As I was travelling a lot for my job in the fashion business, I realized that the organic beauty sector is still very dusty in Europe.
Especially while spending my time in New York and Los Angeles, I spotted a new sort of eco luxe beauty emerging. These brands made by authentic and passionate producers tend to be much more concentrated with revolutionary and higher performing ingredients than synthetic products who are mostly trying to imitate nature.
My additional second degree as holistic health coach from Integrative Institute of Nutrition in New York gives me the advantage of having a deep and true knowledge of this thrilling science and I experienced very fast the positive influences at my own body and mind.
My vision for Muse & Heroine is to bring all these pioneers brands and their unique stories to Europe and challenging the existing system with the upcoming world of healthy living, clean beauty, well-being and nutrition. I created Muse & Heroine as a response to the market`s demand of integrating this brand new phenomenon and facilitating the connections between these gorgeous brands and the people looking for them. Muse & Heroine is progressive, exciting and miscellaneous for retail buyers as well as for consumers. My goal is to create the next big health- and beauty success story which is not depending on a trend. Because health is always going to be the most important thing in life, which is why this is more much than just a trend.

Welcome to Muse & Heroine!

Janine Knizia