You don’t have to talk with Jasmine Urzia to know one thing for certain—the girl is not American even if she`s living in New York. Her Italian charm enters the room before she does. Jasmine has been perfecting her craft since childhood, when she assisted her grandmother Liliana in her pharmacy, called Archangelica, located in Rome. After years of studying natural pharmaceuticals and working as an herbalist, Urzia began concocting her all-natural creams by hand. Every product is made with so much attention to detail, from the consistency of the creams to their effect on the skin to the weight of the bottles she sells them in. She`s an absolute perfectionist and that`s why here products are just amazing and once you tried, you`ll fall in love.

What`s in your cosmetic case?

I love cleansing my skin, so I would say my fav cosmetic it would be a cleanser, milk, powder, cleansing mask, an oil cleansing.. All of them. I love my illuminating mask as a deep cleanser.

Favorite face cleanser?

Radice illuminating mask, tata harper resurfacing oil.

Favorite night cream?

I do not use night creams! skin needs to expel toxins during night time, all it needs is to be clean.

Favorite eye cream?

Radice eye cream or Radice soothing ointment

Favorite face serum/oil?

Biologic recherche serum anti aging

Favorite shampoo/conditioner?

Rahua, love all of their products

Favorite body product?

DR Hauschka lavender body oil

Supplement that you swear of?

barrage officials oil, full of great antioxidants

How often you work out per week?

everyday :)

Which kind of workout?

YOGA for ever :)

Morning or evening workout?

lunch time

Time to go to bed?

10 pm

Time to wake up?

6 am

Favorite place to wake up?

My country house in Umbria, Italy

Shower or bath?

shower, let’s be careful about waisting water. It is a limited resource.

What do you need to be surrounded by?

Animals, my dog bruna :) nature.

Favorite drink?


Favorite restaurant?

Samurai Mama, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Favorite breakfast place?


Favorite cuisine?

Mix of mediterranean and indian

Favorite dish to make?

Quinoa with veggies

Favorite app?

Tinder hahhahah (Not true)… Square Inc.

Favorite book?


Favorite hotel?

ACE hotel

Favorite Movie?

Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

Instagram to follow?

Yoga teachers :)

Favorite fashion store?

Bird, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Favorite city?


Heels or flats?


Favorite fashion brand?

Giuliva Heritage collection

Favorite bag?

no idea… shopping bags?! I do not use bags hahah

Favorite shoes?

Ballerina shoes

A quote which would describe you?

If you can, you must.

Your personal beauty secret?

8 to 9 hours sleeping time, 2 liters of water per day, exercise everyday, happiness and good thoughts, try to stay positive and do not look at the past. Cold showers.