Leonie is living in in the creative hotspot of Berlin, has an acting degree and was working for many years as an editor for some of the most important german magazines. During one of her mediations, she had a clear vision to change her life and follow her heart to launch the beautiful Maati-Maati brand and to develop the well-known „Maati-Maati soulshops“. The world „spiritual luxury“ gets a new meaning and you can describe her as an absolute pioneer in the upcoming movement of healthy lifestyle.

What`s in your cosmetic case?


Caudalie Eau de Bauté, lip balm, Mascara


Favorite Face cleanser?


LBC Paris


Favorite Night cream?




Favorite eye cream?


Pure olive oil of my grandma´s olive trees in Greece


Favorite face serum/oil?


Lovely Day Botanicals Hyaluron+Bloom


Favorite Shampoo/Conditioner?




Favorite Body Product?


Raw Balinese Coconut Oil (e.g. Bali Buda)


Supplement that you swear of?


Ylumi Beauty Sparkle


How often you work out per week?


Every day Yin Yoga and Meditation plus  2-3 times per week Vinyasa and Power Yoga


Which kind of WORKOUT?


Yoga – different styles


Morning or evening workout?


Morning Yin Yoga – Evening Yang Yoga


Time to go to bed?




Time to wake up?




Favorite place to wake up?


Next to my beloved ones somewhere at the Aegean Sea, awaking to the sound of the ocean


Shower or bath?


Shower in the Morning, Bath in the Evening


What do you need to be surrounded by?


Good energy, my Yoga Mat, my Family and closest Friends, the Sun and the Sea, lovely music, good food.


Favorite drink?


Homemade Lemonade


Favorite restaurant?


Cecconi´s Miami Beach

Favorite breakfast place?


Benedict, Berlin


Favorite cuisine?


Greek fusion


Favorite dish to make?


I´m so bad in cooking – my boyfriend is the king in this, I just assist him.


Favorite App?




Favorite book?


Letting Go -David Hawkins


Favorite hotel?


Coqui Coqui


Favorite movie?


Yeah, it´s a clichee: Eat, Pray, Love


Instagram to follow?


Natalia Benson


Favorite fashion store?


THE CORNER, Berlin Quartier 206 before…


Favorite city?




Heels or flats?




Favorite fashion brand?


Zazi Vintage

Favorite bag?


Abury Berber


Favorite shoes?


Handmade home slippers


I never leave the house without?


Hugging, kissing and saying good-bye to my beloved ones


A quote which would describe you?


“Be the change you want to see in this world” – Mahatma Gandhi


Your personal beauty secret?


Meditation and Energy Work J