Radice was born in Italy three generations ago, when Jasmine’s grandmother, a pharmacist, began making creams and ointments: she would make them by hand using only the best herbs and ingredients grown in her garden.
Since childhood, Jasmine studied her grandmother’s craftmanship , later pairing it with years of research on natural pharmaceuticals and of work as a herbalist, to create Radice Apothecary: a skin care line that Jasmine still makes by hand, taking special care to ensure that only organic ingredients go into the products, most of which are still grown in the same family garden in Tuscany.

Sourcing raw herbs and resins directly from our own production is only the first of many careful steps we follow in order to preserve the nutrients locked into these plants. Ingredients are picked by hand only when they are in season – like St. John’s wort, picked by hand in the garden during the night between the 23rd and 24th of June, when the plant reaches its “balsamic time”, the moment when the herb expresses the highest degree of active ingredients and vitality – and they are treated solely through traditional procedures passed on from generation to generation, like pressing by hand, laying out in bain-marie, or cold-soaking to attain maceration.

The making of the myrrh cream might be a good illustration of our process: Jasmine personally selects resin of myrrh coming straight from Egypt. She then grinds the resin with mortar and pestle, infuses the resin with vegetable oils and then leaves it to sit in the sun for days inside an amber glass jar, shaken daily. When the oil is finally filtered, all the nutrients from the myrrh resin have been transferred into the oil, making the myrrh cream a very special anti-aging product, suited for dry, mature and sensitive skin.

Our guiding intuitions are steeped in the century-old Italian herbalist tradition, comprising a level of craft, attention to detail and care that are an essential part of the Italian ethos. Due to the variations found in natural ingredients from location to location and season to season, the manufacturing process must be adjusted in real time by expert hands.

Minute harmonizations of temperature need to be made in order to preserve the vitamins, and stirring by hand allows us to make subtle adjustments in order to create the optimal consistency, nutritional content, color and scent. These processes allow the nutrients of our creams and ointments to be directly absorbed by the skin, enhancing its elasticity and keeping its natural moisture balance and harmonization.