Theresa Steinbacher, Founder of Warm Me

Living in Austria but traveling around the world always searching for inspiration. Cashmere-addicted and that`s why she´s making the the best and most luxurious cashmere beanies in the world, everything handmade in Nepal. Loves nature and sports. And if you every want to have the best insider tips for a city trip, she`s the one!!!

What`s in your cosmetic case?

Rosewood water, lip balm (Malin+Goetz), powder (Sisley Paris), bitter drops, plaster, hand lotion, brow gel (Glossier)

Favorite Face cleanser?

In the moment Balancing Cleanser (ARSDerma)

Favorite Night cream?

Aloe Gel,  Clarina (Himalya Herbal Healthcare), Retinol Skin Rejuvenating Lotion (ARSDerma) 

Favorite eye cream?

Suanne Kaufmann

Favorite face serum/oil?

Hyaluron serum (Reviderm)

Favorite Shampoo/Conditioner?

BeShampoo  ( Be…my friend -  made just with natural ingredients, made in Salzburg)

Favorite Body Product?

Body Butter (Susanne Kaufmann)
BeSoft (Be…my friend – it is a shower gel and body milk all in one)

Supplement that you swear of?

Supplements from Biogena (especially the Iron and Vitamin D), Thriphala an Ayurveda supplement

How often you work out per week?

5 Times

Which kind of workout?

Yoga, Freeletics App, running, western riding
Summer: hiking, Winter: Ski Touring

Morning or evening workout?


Time to go to bed?

My little secret

Time to wake up?


Favorite place to wake up?

Less the place, more the mood of the occasion in this moment,; for example after snowing the whole night, waking up in the mountains and can hardly wait to get out for skiing. Or being in an unknown place and can’t wait to jump out of the bed to explore city

Shower or bath?


What do you need to be surrounded by?

For sure most important is nature, especially after long travels as well to work/travel/spend time with people who inspires me

Favorite drink?

Since I am not drinking coffee anymore I am a Tea Junky, especially green Tea from Nepal.
A glass of Austrian white wine with a good dinner

Favorite restaurant?

It is a long list, as on my travels I always try something new, and after dining in a good spot I always think – this is now my new favourite. So probably now I would have a list around 100 Restaurants herem But some which I had a good time within the last years:
Som Saa, Dishoom (Thai London)
Long Marche Canteen (Berlin)
Florentin House (Tel Aviv)
Gjelina (Los Angeles)
Butchers Daugther (New York)

Favorite breakfast place?

Hotel Auserperg  (Salzburg)

Favorite cuisin?


Favorite dish to make?

All kind of Bowls

Favorite App?

It sounds funny but the weather app is the most helpful one to organize my suitcase for traveling.
But as favorite, I would say Medium, Spotify and Pinterest

Favorite book?

The Happiness Advantage, Search inside yourself and Peace Food

Favorite hotel?

It is the same story than with the restaurants … always something new.
But what I really love at the moment are those new kind of Bed & Breakfast which do not have more than 10-15 rooms, great in Architecture & Design. Mostly in very nice locations.
Good platform to find:

Favorite movie?

I like French movies which had a little revival the last years

Instagram to follow?

Since a couple of weeks  honestly “MUSE & HEROINE”,
Believe it or not but there is no other one of my 1000 Insta`s which I follow at the moment.

Favorite fashion store?

I like more the new kind of concept stores which are combining a great choice of lets say 60% fashion and 40% other stuff like perfume, stationary, good sneaker  e.g. the good hood store in Shoreditch or ABC in New York which is an institution.

At the end it should be more than a place where you just buy something, I should give you a special feeling which comes from the mix of people who are working there, architecture, merchandising, the well selected products – a place where you want to stay longer.

Favorite city?

London for research, Kathmandu because when you are there, you know the biggest mountains are not far, as well those warm hearted people. And Tel Aviv as I was just recently there for the first time and totally fall in love with this city.

Heels or flats?


Favorite fashion brand?

Acne as Designer Contemporary brand. But in my opinion Ecoalf is the best brand in terms of sustainability at the moment.

Favorite bag?

That’s the question every morning

Favorite shoes?

All kind of white sneakers