Dear Muses and Heroines, there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. While I`m writing this, I still can`t believe that my baby Muse & Heroine is turning on, exactly on 19th July 2021. I'm coming on here today to take a trip down memory lane with you on this very personal Love Letter...

In March 2020, a few days after lockdown has started, I decided to turn my thoughts into things, my dream into reality, and my vision into a mission-driven company called: Muse & Heroine. 

And it all started with my personal story.

After leaving the fashion world and having created the first European Clean Beauty Agency many years ago, I felt ready to push myself even to greater heights, making an even bigger impact in other`s people life and on this planet.

Times are tough and what`s needed more than true values?

Authenticity. Transparency. Efficiency. Innovation. Education. Respect. Empowerment. Mindfulness. Trust. Support. Transformation. Consistency. Love.

 And my purpose was, is and will always be to create a community around these values with well-aligned positive and energetic driven spirit. A unique community full of cultural richness with open-minded, forward-thinking, respectful, powerful, loving and self-loving people.

Within one year I have exceeded my own expectations, Muse & Heroine has been grown from 32 of the best-in-class beauty and health brands from all over the world to more than 70 brands. Our very own ‘Live Like a Heroine Magazine’ is belonging to the most read online store journals.

We have been voted as ‘the largest Clean Beauty Shopping Community in Europe’ by Vogue Italy, I have been personally nominated for the Marie Claire Prix Excellence de la Beauté and have been mentioned as one of the world’s most famous Greenfluencers by Elle.

 But even if me and my amazingly powerful team has been working almost day and night in the last 17 months, we would never be where we are right now without you. We are who we are because of you, my beloved Muses and Heroines.

 We made a bold statement one year ago when we said: We will transform your life! We will give you the tools and the education to empower you to sit in your driver´s seat of your own health to live the best purpose-driven life.

During the last 12 months, we have received the most beautiful and fulfilling messages which are inspiring us every single day again and again to perform even better for a positive change.

You are our engine, our spirit, the best community we could have ever dreamed of and therefore we want to give back.  We have decided to not only celebrate our birthday for one single day, no Muses! We have decided that we deserve a full month birthday party.

And that's why the entire month of July is dedicated to a big Muse & Heroine Celebration with lots of activities and very exclusive gifts.

Last but not least, there is something that I personally would like to share with you. I know many small independent businesses and brands with the most incredible values, purposes and products but it`s definitely not easy for all of us to thrive in the way we would like to, beside major players in the market.

So, everyone who`s reading this, I want to remind you that you have power. With your purchase, you make hundreds of choices every single day about what companies and values you support.

Be conscious, actively support businesses that you believe in and that live the values that you hold. Be an advocate and use your social microphone, use it for something good! Share with your friends, family, colleagues and put it on Social Media!

This is truly the greatest support that you can do and that will help to empower small businesses to grow and thrive with a long-term vision.

I feel like the happiest person on earth and there are not enough words in any language to express my gratitude.

You made all of this happen, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of Love from the entire Muse & Heroine Team and let's kick off another year of great adventures together!