Muse & Heroine is a Sales Agency for the most effective, inspiring, gorgeous, fresh, clean, emerging, fascinating and compelling BEAUTY-, HEALTH and LIFESTYLE BRANDS from around the world. The agency was created as an answer of the shifting world in beauty and fashion and therefore we want to be different, authentic, progressive, passionate and exciting for retailers and consumers. We are having a well established network of the top 800 retailers across Europe who are discovering our strictly selected brand portfolio during Paris and Milan Fashion week 8 times per year. Moreover, we are the first beauty agency who will have a dedicated luxury space for Beauty-, Health- and Lifestyle brands during the international fashion week calendar, representing an individual “hall of fame” with just the best cherry picked selection. Muse & Heroine is new, creative, innovative and the pioneer of the European clean and healthy beauty movement. We`re distributing and selling in another new exciting way and we can`t wait to change this industry.

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Introducing Muses and Heroines


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