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Botanical Skincare made with the world’s finest 
plant oils and absolutes

A collection of natural skincare — a blend of the best nature has to offer, with essential oils carefully chosen for their non-irritating properties. Each ingredient is of the purest form and highest quality. A tightly curated product range, made in small batches at Monastery's studio in San Francisco.


Live like a heroine


Live Like a Heroine Journal

An intimate Interview with Alexis Rose, founder of LILFOX

Alexis Rose is a perfumeur, aromatherapist,alchemist, lux-potion maker and curator of rare wildcrafted organic botanicals. A Miami-living devotee of all things beautiful.

All about Esker

Learn everythig about the Beauty of Bodycare, how to elevate your rituals and how to get rid of Cellulite.

Introducing Shiva Rose

To awaken to our truest, purest, authentic nature we need to connect to the earth and all its gifts. This is the raison d`être that birthed the Shiva Rose skincare line.

Meet Janine, founder of Muse & Heroine

As probably everyone else in life, I hit rock bottom several times but the good thing about it is that you have nowhere to go but up. And that`s exatly how Muse & Heroine started: from my personal experiences and need to change into a healthier, happier, self-loving version of myself...