Muse & Heroine was born from my own experiences and as an organic response to my interests and holistic approach to life.

After working in the international fashion business, being constantly tired and suffering from stress related health issues, I educated myself on nutrition, clean beauty, spirit, and traditional wisdom before I also decided for an additional second degree as holistic health coach.

Practicing my research and knowledge on my own body, I soon realized tremendous changes while achieving vibrant health, spiritual mindset, and the best skin ever.

What was born out of my personal lifestyle has evolved into a holistic sanctuary with a highly curated selection of the best well-being brands from around the world. I`m truly obsessed with finding the clean beauty pioneers, green game-changers, cult worthy products and spiritual brand founders with ancient wisdom and scientific results.

The muse & heroine community is all about curious, conscientious, and forward-thinking women seeking for a holistic and health-conscious lifestyle.

My mission is to empower and inspire for a better, healthier, happier, self-loving, and non-toxic life. 

While I was transforming my being through the power of plants, holistic rituals, and self-care, I was finally able to find my very own muse and heroine inside myself and this is the message that I want to spread around to as many women as possible: just you can heal yourself in order to discover your inner muse & heroine!

And last but not least, everyone has to know when they read the name muse & heroine, they can trust free of toxins, the products really work, they perform better than other ones and are pleasing to all senses.

Herewith I invite you to enjoy all of these self-care therapy sessions as well as products and don`t forget:



With love and gratitude,