Muse & Heroine x Nomad Collection

For many years, Janine Knizia, the visionary behind Muse & Heroine, has embraced a nomadic lifestyle, finding solace in the constant movement and the idea that "change is home." This unique perspective inspired her to craft essential masterpieces tailored for the modern nomad seeking a sense of home anywhere in the world. Several years ago, Janine initiated the creation of these essential pieces, each individually handmade in Nepal using the finest Mongolian cashmere yarns. The garments are adorned with energetic hippie embroidery, adding a touch of free-spirited vibrancy to the luxurious comfort of cashmere. Muse & Heroine represents a convergence of craftsmanship, nomadic spirit, and the timeless elegance of cashmere, providing a sense of home for those who find it in the journey itself.