Meet Neada Deters, Founder of LESSE

LESSE's founder is a true minimalist, taking a thoughtful and simple approach to all things. Hailing from a nature rich childhood in Sydney, Australia, by way of editorial work in New York City, Neada now lives in LA surrounded by a truly forward thinking wellness community and this is where she created her very own skin care line LESSE with the tag line less is more. After herself suffering from cystic acne and very sensitive skin, she took it upon herself to create the products she couldn’t find. 


What was the journey that led you to create LESSE? 

I was an editor; writing features on beauty, with access to the world's top skin care experts, and testing every product on the market. Yet I still couldn't find organic, or natural, products that were uncompromising and results-driven. The need for elevated, simple, organic and effective skin care was apparent—so I moved from New York to Los Angeles to create my own.

 How does your lifestyle influence the products you choose to develop? 

I'm undoubtedly a minimalist who values function and beauty in equal measures, which I believe is reflected in LESSE. I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, immersed in nature so that is where my love and appreciation of botanicals was born; and I spent many years in New York, which has influenced our products to be simple, effective, and made to aid skin against environmental stressors; and I now live in Los Angeles where there is arid weather and one of the most forward-thinking wellness communities in the world, so that makes supportive, all natural skin care essential. These many chapters of my life have converged to shape the essentials we create.

 What is one thing you wish everyone knew about taking good care of their skin? 

Can I share a few? Applying oil-based products will actually help to reduce how oily or acne-prone your skin is; less is more, as applying too many products can deplete your skin barrier and lead to irritation and breakouts; and it's essential to wear SPF every day, not just in summer or not just when you leave the house—UV rays penetrate most home and car windows even when it's overcast outside. 

 What are your thoughts on aging well and longevity in general?

All seasons of life bring beauty. I believe aging well is possible when we invest in our long term well being, and find the rituals that we can sustain and count on when we need extra support. When it comes to skin, don't look for quick fixes or band aid solutions; use products that are safe and supportive to use throughout every stage of your life.

 What is your daily and weekly wellness regimen?

I believe in everything in moderation, so I always eat the pasta or cheese or dessert—but I love to cook, so most of our food is made from fresh, organic farmer's market ingredients. I also try to do some form of movement each day, spend at least a day every week in nature, and have been trying to meditate more.

 How has your beauty regimen changed over time? 

I have simplified my beauty regime so much over the years. It's no longer routine but an intentional ritual, a moment for myself morning and evening.

 What is your favorite way to move your body and exercise?

I oscillate between long hikes, pilates and hot yoga.

 What do you do to unwind, relax and rest well?

Go for a walk, take a long bath, jump in the ocean.

 First thing you do when you wake up?

Drink a large glass of water, hydrate my skin with the Regeneration Mist, and take my probiotics.

 Last thing you do before bed?

Light meditation to stop my mind from racing, or inevitably thinking about work.

 Go-to breakfast?

Granola, cashew yoghurt, passionfruit or berries, and chia seeds.

 You feel a cold coming. What`s your plan of action?

Zinc, hydration, and rest.

 Life changing book you've read?

I love to read and have a degree in literature, so it feels impossible to pick one book—though the first that comes to mind is 100 Years of Solitude.

 Favorite holistic wellness destination?

I love Gwinganna in Australia and Soho Farmhouse in the U.K.; but the wellness retreats I'm most looking forward to visiting are Shou Sugi Ban House in the Hamptons, NY, and Aro Hā Wellness Retreat in New Zealand.