Superwoman Sandra Nassima

Coming from a world of design and architecture, Sandra appreciates smart design and a solution based approach and this is what she took with her to start her very own wellness company, Depuravita! It’s not only just the leading juice cleanse company in Italy, they also have an incredible line of herbal teas, tinctures, powders and supplements. Read on to pick up some pointers on how to live a high-vibration lifestyle like Sandra.


What did you do before you founded Depuravita and how has it helped inform how you do what you do now?

I come from "good design world". We used to call ourselves believers of (I mean, it was like that in the late 90's beginning of 2000) "good design religion". So anything related to Bauhaus, modernist movement, less is more, form follows function and so forth. I worked for many years as a marketing and brand communications specialist and I had the honor and opportunity to collaborate with some of the most prominent star architects and their talents such as Hadid, Kuma, Chipperfield etc. before the design world was corrupted and populated with swarovski crystals, and animal furs and all kind of decoration such as gold and more gold and more decor :) 

This taught me, when I founded Depuravita, to be honest with the ingredients and not to try to fool people with "more is more" where you show 50 ingredients that are actually useless on the label when the quantity of each nutrient is so low in one capsule it has no impact. It taught me to go into the essence of the ingredients and make sure that they act in synergy and they actually work. It also taught me a huge aesthetic sense when it comes to brand identity and packaging.

 What’s been the most surprising element of starting your own business?

As a high level executive we all live in a bubble. We are surrounded with like-minded people and we think the world is all about us and our interests and our things. Well, actually it is not. After 2 years of frustrations I got to know the real world, I learned how to have compassion for every human being and I developed a real sense of gratitude because I had something to offer for everyone and not for a cluster living in a very elegant glass bubble.

 What's your secret strategy to Longevity?

First of all - good mood! If you are in good spirits I believe you will really live longer. Smile, dance, make fun of things, life is not meant to be taken so seriously and we have to learn to trust the universe, to let go and surrender. And of course, good nutrition, good sleep, meditation, and a deeper connection with nature are essential.

 What are some daily non-negotiables for you when it comes to taking care of yourself?

Morning meditation. Face balms. Classical music. Green juice.

  How do you implement your own products into your routine?

There is a little piece of me in each product in our collection;-) That said, most of the products are being developed from my own personal needs. So I pretty much use them all. The teas, Heal and Absolute Glow Plus are the essentials in my routine. Then of course for other products I follow the seasons and my body needs. Such as Absolute Glow for a vitamin c boost, Joy Purity to combine with green detox, Feed and Fit to nourish my soul, Magic Potion night time treat and yes Hello Wrinkles during pilates 5 times a week.


What other brands, founders or personalities do you find inspiring?

I find all other brands that share the same mission and passion very inspiring and I respect all of them. I know how hard it is to reach a certain point where people start to acknowledge your products. We all have a very similar mindset and we just want to change this world by raising its frequency and offering, as my favorite shaman says, "lit verified products". Cecilia, Tanja, Sylvie, Maia, Maryam, Tata, Julie, Alexis the list is long, but yes.. they are all very special people.

What website or IG page do you visit daily for input and to stay up to date?

I belong to another generation LOL, so I don't really check IG but for me since 2005 Financial Times and Monocle Magazine are the only publications that I buy and read.

How do you structure your work day to help get things done while staying calm? 

The secret is waking up early to meditate and soul talk before anything happens. Once I manage to start the day in this way the rest just flows.

Also, it depends very much on my mood. Some days I am creative and inspired so I work with my creativity and the days when I feel more operational I work on more boring stuff :) and weekends are my strategic planning time.

 Who do you turn to for advice, support and help?

My beloved Shaman friend from NYC, she is actually from Uganda but she lives in NYC. She really supported me over the past 2 years and she taught me how to flow. Affirmations, narrative healing, meditations.

You can find her meditations free to listen on spotify as well: they are very powerful.

Do you have a morning routine that you stick to every day?

Ahaha, it is a long one! Meditation, breathing exercise, Four Sigmatic Ashwagandha Coffee with adaptogen mix. I take my supplements, drink my holy water (I put crystals in my white colored Be vivid bottle gifted by Lisa, and I bless my water). Afterwards Julie (Elliott) of In Fiore showed me how to do a lymphatic body brushing session. I take a shower and apply my body oils.

What do you do to unwind and relax in the evening?

Double cleanse and a face massage with one of my favorite balms or oils using my favorite face tools. After, I do the same for my dogs: I have two Yorkshire terriers, so I clean them, brush them, massage their delicate paws with balms. And before going to sleep I prepare my Starnight Tea, meditate and sleep. Sometimes, if I am too hyper, I sleep with deep sleep meditation music + I use our super-duper Sleep supplement.

What’s your favorite meal to eat?

It depends on the day actually and location. That said, I prefer to have a good lunch and skip the dinner or eat very light at dinner. During the normal work days I cannot do it because usually I don't have time for lunch so...

What’s your number one beauty “secret”?

Sun protection: since I was 15 years old I never take direct sun, use hats and high SPF protection which really has helped me a lot. In the last two years I have been doing PRP treatments, both injection and micro needling, with my beloved friend, Dr. Luis Campos who also created the formula of our best selling Absolute Shine supplement.

Where do you go to relax, rejuvenate and recharge?

Anywhere I can go hiking and there is no crowd. I love Le Fay Resort, they have fantastic properties.

What’s your favorite travel destination ?

Anywhere I can travel with my dogs :) I love Sils Maria in Engadine, Val Fex where no cars are permitted. I am more of a Nordic countries person - I love cold weather, design, architecture - but simplicity. 

Besides your own incredible products, what other Muse & Heroine products do you swear by?

I have a crush on In Fiore, i use all of them, like super addicted. They suit my personality, they raise by vibration, they are more than products for me, a part of my life, they are with me all the time. Cecilia is my soul sister, and I use all her products as well. I love Marshmallow Poofform Lilfox, Ranavat’s Bakuchi Cream, Max&Me’s Mask&Wash is unique, there is nothing like that in the world. Karoline Van Loon nail polish are so chic. Activist Raw Manuka Honey is my daily sweet luxury.