Shiva Rose’s Ayurveda Journey

To Shiva Rose, Ayurveda is a way of life and Ayurvada’s approach to skin care is all about nourishing, calming and supporting our bodies largest organ to be resilient and healthy and beautiful! Ayurveda is called the sister science of Yoga and is a centuries old tradition, originating in India, passed down from generation to generation. It is about connecting with ourselves, staying in balance with nature and providing guidance to help us stay connected to our vigor and energy. It’s an holistic approach, emphasizing how the mind, body and spirit are connected and realizing that all areas of life impact our health. 
With her brand new Luxury Ayurveda Line, where plant wisdom meets science,  Shiva Rose is bringing us incredible, supporting products that are gentle and hard working all at once; smoothing, brightening, nourishing, plumping and collagen boosting! 
What has been your personal experience and learnings from Ayurveda?
I healed much of the autoimmune issues I had through Ayurvedic herbs, recipes and protocol. 
Learning about the doshas and how we can adjust certain qualities is a great tool to have in our arsenals. In my book Whole Beauty I dive a bit into the teachings and I have a course on Mind Body Green 
The most vital point for me is about keeping our Ojas (essence or vitality) abundant through diet and practices. Ojas is our radiance similar to the light of the moon. According to Ayurveda, healthy and happy people have an abundance of ojas. For women keeping our ojas juicy is key. So foods like fruit, and ghee can enhance the feminine ojas. 
How are you incorporating these three new products into your own Beauty routine? 
I will usually cleanse with my original Pearl Milk Cleanser, then I massage in the Saffron Rose Beauty Oil and use the Saffron Repair Eye Balm above the cheekbones and under the eyes. I have been using the Pistachio Plumping Mask once a week and my original Honey Nectar Mask on weekends. 
Pistachio oil is something you don’t hear about a lot - how did you discover it and what are it’s beauty benefits? 
Growing up in Iran until the age of ten, elements like rose, saffron, cardamom and pistachio were part of everyday life. The bazaars had those scents in the air, and those ingredients were always in the food, poetry and art. Pistachios are one of my favorite foods and a staple in Iranian culture. It turns out that this little seed is extraordinary for beauty because of the high content of vitamin E - what improves the skin’s elasticity and due to its emollient qualities it can be absorbed easier than most oils. Pistachio oil is also wonderful for repairing damaged hair. The Pistachio Plumping Mask also uses grape and olive oil as well as rosehip (with natural retinol qualities) and more.
Why do you love saffron in skin care? (We do too ;) 
I sooo love saffron (Crocus sativus). I worship its power and part of the reason I birthed this collection was as an homage to this beautiful gift from nature. The scent, the power it contains and the vibrant color tells the ancient story of its lineage. Science is now discovering this ancient remedy can help us with modern afflictions. For example saffron can help with UV damage on the skin. Crocin, the active compound in saffron, is one of the most powerful
antioxidants that help heal scars and brighten dull skin. As some of us know now, ingesting saffron can help alleviate depression and enhance joy. 
…and, a personal note to the Muse and Heroine Community from Shiva;
I am so grateful that you are appreciating what I and others in green beauty do. I feel now we are moving towards a time when we need to really be cognizant of not only what we are investing in, but also what we are placing on our largest organ, the skin. When products are made with high vibrational love for humanity, and the planet, it translates to what it can do to the skin. Ultimately in Ayurveda and ancient Persian skin care, the goal isn’t a quick band aid remedy, but more of a long, prosperous romance with your beauty regime through nourishment and building the microbiome. My line is all about filling yourself up rather than depletion. I hope you will take an extra moment when anointing yourself with an oil, by honoring the earth and yourself. May you all walk in beauty.. always..