Fall in Love with 100% Cacao and Say Bye Bye to your Unhealthy Habits

Cosmic Dealer 100% cacao is a superfood blessed with Ayurvedic adaptogens and spices. Made for the bold, the brave and for the ones who don’t mix well with the mainstream. 

Introducing: Cosmic Dealer 100% dark artisanal cacao blessed with Ayurvedic spices and adaptogens. 

The Mind and soul behind Cosmic Dealer is the lovely Monique Foy (you might have met her here, while reading about a certain tongue cleaner, that did, indeed, change her life).

After she started tongue scraping, she saw the massive difference that an everyday, 10 second check-in with herself could make. That's why she decided to further integrate more ancient, game-changing Ayurvedic practices into her modern lifestyle. She's obsessed with 100% cacao. It's beautiful bitterness is the only thing that ever helped her stay away from sugar - because actually, if you want to quit something, you can’t go from zero to hero: you just need a replacement. The scarce options she found in the supermarket were usually so overly industrialized that the cacao's true flavors and nutrients were compromised. And last but not least: she wanted variety! So she combined it with the benefits of Ayurvedic spices and adaptogens.

This is not your average industrial, basic, pedestrian 'chocolate': it’s real cacaoa superfood for the bold, the brave, and for those who don’t mix well with the mainstream. It contains no added sugar, is not cut with cheap cacao butter, is single-origin bean to bar and handcrafted in micro batches of the absolute highest ceremonial-grade quality. This is no binge-eating desert: cacao is eaten slowly, with intention. That's why each tablet should last around 7-14 days
This delicious superfood comes in two botanical mixes: 
You'll fall in love. Here's why.
  • No added sugar or sweeteners: because sugar, we're so over you. This means no dates, no agave, no coconut sugar, no honey, no maple - nada.
  • Nutrient dense: bean-to-bar and minimally processed. Real cacao is a natural source of magnesium, potassium, iron and antioxidants.
  • No cheap cacao butter added: most chocolate is made by combining cacao mass (the good stuff) with cacao butter (the cheap stuff).
  • Vegan, gluten-free, because what else?
  • Handcrafted in micro batches: by our cool passionate partner artisans in Italy.
  • Sustainably and ethically sourced: single-origin cacao from direct trade with a family farm in El Salvador. They skipped past the dodgy middlemen, and pay x3 the market price for their cacao to ensure a fair living wage.
  • Ceremonial-grade quality: can also be melted and used for cacao ceremonies.
  • Eco-friendly: packaging made from sustainably-sourced FSC paper.
  • A little bonus? A free Cosmic Card comes in each box.
ASHWAGANDHA + GINGER: Calm & Confident
Ashwagandha is an adaptogen used in Ancient Ayurvedic tradition to lower blood sugar and help curb sugar cravings, as well as reducing stress and anxiety in the body. Ginger essential oil is known as the “the Oil of Empowerment” for the feeling of confidence it is said to inspire.
The Ashwagandha slightly mellows the cacao, while the ginger gives a subtle 'zing!' note at the end. 
Herbal Chai is a warming Ayurvedic mix that includes cardamom, cloves, star anise, and a sprinkling of cinnamon. There is no tea / caffeine in our Chai mix. Rose is known in Ayurvedic tradition as a spiritual heart-opener.
The chai intensifies the power of the cacao, while the sprinkling of rose petals provide moments of lightness on the palette. 
All you have to do is the following: take 1-3 squares per day. Let it melt gently in your mouth and savour the powerful aromas and benefits of real cacao.
This chocolate is handcrafted in the smallest micro-batches you can imagine, so if you want to gift yourself or your beloved ones for Christmas, don‘t wait too long to order! And don't forget to share your shots & feedback with us at @muse_and_heroine.