2021 Resolutions! Your Self-Love Wellness Calendar

Most of us like to welcome the new year with a list of resolutions. Even if it seems a good idea at the beginning of January, creating a regime of unattainable, unrealistic goals can be stressful and hard to follow. 

And that is why every year, inevitably, we drop our resolutions by January the 3rd.
The wellness calendar we’ve created for all of our Muses and Heroines is something different. It will hopefully help you set an intention for each month of the year. Something simple, yet effective that can support you in switching the mood of the entirety of 2021. To help you, we have included a cherry-picked selection of our favourite self-care tools that can aid you navigate the next 12 months. Feel free to print or save the newsletter, and comeback every time you need to feel grounded. This is The Muse & Heroine 2021 Self-Love Wellness Calendar.
January – Detox & New Beginnings 
Catalyst Gold is specifically developed to re-program your body on the cellular level while aiding the necessary nourishment and detoxification without harsh cleanses and unrealistic dietary restrictions. Catalyst Gold provides support in boosting the body's natural ability to cut unhealthy cravings and increase energy levels. Herbalore's first breakthrough superfood supplement helps to create a catalyst effect within the body assisting in achieving lasting permanent lifestyle changes. The allergen-free formula of supergreens, herbs, superfruits and essential minerals helps to protect and revive the immune –circulatory –nervous systems, the digestive organs, and supports to revitalize the hair and the skin.
A highly cleansing formula with some of the most iron rich greens. These superfoods are high potency mineralizers, with the power to oxygenate the blood, expelling toxic build-up. It encourages alkalinity, supporting deep nourishment and higher enzymatic function. The high chlorophyll content supports the Liver by digesting old fat, releasing bad oils, dispelling inflammation and bringing in potent nutrient chemistry. This powerful detoxifier is a high potency elixir extracted with reverse osmosis water and organic cane alcohol to ensure high bio-availability!
February – The Month of Love
A delicate bouquet of Primrose and Rosehip oils enriched with the unique Rose Absolute essence. This rejuvenating omega rich oil illuminates, regenerates skin and reduces the appearance of redness and lines. The synergy of three Roses to nourish and preserve our intimate sacred beauty. An eternal gift to skin from Mother Nature.
Bringing a lush, fecund, forest of beneficial botanicals to the feminine source of creativity. When you cherish and love your yoni, you are bringing nourishment to the earth, since we all are made by and beat with the same heart. Use this Love elixir, this ambrosia, to play with your beloved or to bestow love to yourself. Rub along your limbs, and between your most intimate, delicate areas. This oil is to be used in reverence for the enjoyment of being in the realm of the senses. The harvested herbs are beneficial to a woman’s hormonal and libido strength. Kava Kava and Tulsi bring on a euphoric sense and relax the being, while Maca, schisandra, and damiana are known to enhance a woman’ hormones naturally and therefore the libido and inner fire. Damiana has been used before love making for centuries in parts of the Americas, while Red clover has been used to enhance fertility.
March – Help to Boost Your Immune System
Activist Raw Mānuka Honey 850+ MGO is wildcrafted in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native Mānuka Bush. Raw, unprocessed and produced in small batches, this honey is teeming with the life force of the hive. 850+ MGO honey is guaranteed to contain at least 850mg Methylglyoxal per kg. Packed with nutrition, plant enzymes and immune protection. Mānuka has been proven to have efficacy against antibiotic-resistant microbes, promoting its healing powers against pathogens internally and externally. When sick, it can even improve sore throats, help soothe coughs and improve common cold symptoms. Mānuka also helps people with acute sinus problems and allergies. We sometimes take a spoonful of raw Mānuka in the mornings when our hay fever begins to act up and gargle it with lightly warm salt water when our family has a sore throat. 
These beloved mushrooms are all grown in a small farm 100% organically and sustainably in Washington State. The mushrooms powders are all cell wall extracted for optimized bioavailability, and contain both fruiting bodies and mycelium. Although Anima Mundi loves and respects ethically wildcrafted mushrooms and herbs, they purposefully source our mushrooms from a small organic farm to impede the depletion of the wild. Particularly Chaga being in danger of extinction, we exclusively support organic farming of this precious mushroom to avoid extinction. If you can forage your own small supply (that’s awesome!) but be mindful and always leave some behind.
April – Switch to your Spring Skincare Routine
This deeply revitalizing and purifying serum is part of the Odacité Private Collection and was originally custom blended for a Japanese kabuki actress. This youthful-purity serum ensures a beautifully clear and blemish-free complexion, while simultaneously helping to combat the appearance of the first signs of aging.
Bursting with detoxifying botanicals and potent revitalizing ingredients, A Spring In Tokyo melts instantly into the skin to combat the appearance of breakouts and blemishes, while helping to smooth the look of premature wrinkles. Light and deeply penetrating, fabulous under makeup, A Spring In Tokyo marries rare and extraordinary oils to free your skin of toxins, and support the appearance of a beautifully clear and fresh complexion. 
After just a few applications, your skin feels invigorated with newfound purity and a spectacular freshness.
May – Get Ready for Your Summer Tan
Atelier Nubio formulated « On veut... a healthy tan », a powder exclusively made from berries and plants (peach, strawberry, lemon, acerola, Cantaloupe Melon SOD, Freja™) to protect the skin from the sun’s aggressions and allow a healthier tan.
No alcohol, no added sugar and no preservatives. Made in Occitanie, France, as close as possible to the plants. Dilute 1 teaspoon of powder in a glass of fresh water, using a whisk or a blender. You can also add the powder to yogurt, porridge or fruits. It is recommended to start the treatment about 2 weeks before sun exposure, and to continue taking the supplement for the entire duration of sun exposure.
June – Switch your Skincare for the Summer Months
With Manjistha at the heart of our cream cleanser, the Ayurvedic herb is known as the "apex of superfoods" for its ability to cleanse and detoxify. Our botanical formula is a cream-slash-balm hybrid. Thanks to its lush texture, it removes makeup, dirt and oil, yet leaves skin hydrated and balanced.
This lightweight, creamy serum is fortified with low and medium weight hyaluronic acids, plus nutrient-dense fruit and floral oils to hydrate and nourish skin. This unique product is a melding of textures—more lightweight than your average cream, but creamier than your average serum. It’s a true multitasker—it hydrates, prevents visible signs of aging, soothes, firms, and brightens thanks to skin nourishing acids like ximenynic acid, ellagic acid, hyaluronic acid, and phytosterols.
July – Pre-Holidays Body Check!
Get fit! Use Acai for its energizing, fat-burning power, ad Moringa for its metabolic accelerator power and cleansing properties. Acai berries, a Brazilian superfood is one of the most powerful antioxidants there is on the planet. A key anti-ageing element, it is also beneficial to overall health and well-being. Moringa, a rare plant found in the sub-Himalayas, has been regarded as an Indian superfood for over a millennium. Packed with bioactive plant compounds, phyatates, anti nutrients, Moringa has been heralded as nature’s-own dietary supplement for centuries.
KYPRIS Body Elixir: Inflorescence is a non-greasy, multi-functional body oil designed with a potency typically reserved for facial care and 12 of the most nurturing organic, wild crafted, and co-op grown botanicals blended with the aromatherapy of Neroli and Sweet Orange.
August - It’s hot outside: Drink more water!
beVIVID glass bottles are made to cultivate hydration as a small act of self-are, because drinking water is the base for healthy, dewy looking skin within. Embracing a daily water routine with a bottle truly loved, is the easiest way to sip up 8-10 glasses of water and enjoy your best hydrated skin ever.
beVIVID bottles are 100% toxin and junk free, recycable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe without removing the silicone sleeve.
Our responsible production reflects the importance we attach to sustainability. For a better environment it takes great care to ensure a Co2 friendly DNA.
September – Restore your Body after the Holidays
A luxurious jelly textured soap and body mask made from nourishing olive oil and fresh eucalyptus leaf oil.  Originally made in Syria, this soap then became very popular in Morocco where it is still used today in traditional hammams.
October – Refresh your Skin for Autumn
This innovative blend of oils calms even the most irritated complexions with its unique blend of vitamin and nutrient rich oils. Like a multivitamin for your skin, Gold works to repair broken-down skin tissue and calm any type of damage, whether it’s sun exposure, irritation, dryness, redness, or puffy skin. The delicate scent of India’s most precious flowers soothes and delights the senses upon application.
This intensive age-defying and illuminating serum is part of the Odacité Private Collection. Originally custom blended for a private client to reveal skin with breathtaking beauty. An Autumn On The World is a concentrate of the latest advancement in Vitamin C. This new form of Vitamin C provides the skin with the nourishment it needs to appear firm and youthful. Research also shows that Vitamin C acts as a potent radiance booster, contributing to the appearance of a more even and luminous skin tone. Vitamin C is then married with rare oils and their exceptional properties: superfood Acai, invigorating Passion Fruit, hydrating Meadowfoam, antioxidant-rich Wild Carrot and revitalizing Rosehip & Pomegranate to provide the skin with a new sensation of youth and vital glow.
November – Add a Cocooning Oil to your Skincare
While this award-winning oil blend works beautifully for all skin types, it especially indulges sensitive, depleted and mature complexions with its calming, restorative talents. Enchanted talks in the softspoken language of a thousand jasmine flowers and roses, Frangipani petals and Indian Champaca through your heart to your body, while each potent drop balances, regenerates and softens. Formulated to resonate with your heart chakra, this oil blend is closely entwined with your inner-to-outer beauty and vitality, all reflected in the enchanting appearance of your skin.
December – Get ready for New Beginnings
Based on a bed of sensual and powdery white musk, this perfume is a fresh high. Its energizing top notes are highlighted by a sea breeze, bringing that feel good factor we associate with sea and summer holidays. With the zesty scent of newly cut grass, tart crisp green apple, and the clean aroma of spearmint, it all feels clear. Lime uplifts the perfume as well as one’s spirit. In Tantric rituals Lime is used to ward off evil spirits. Ginger, “the oil of empowerment”, is said to inspire confidence. It stimulates and enhances concentration Finally, Vit C is the turbo booster against fatigue.

Once again, Happy 2021 to all of my Muses & Heroines. Can’t wait to dive into this new chapter. Together. 

Thank you. We love you!

Janine and the Self-Love Team.