Introducing Alexandra Venison, Beauty expert and Editor for Vogue Arabia

The first thing you notice when you talk to Alexandra is her positive, warm soul, and her true passion for beauty. For her, it's all about taking care of one's self and finding happiness in small rituals. Here is her exclusive Muse & Heroine Interview.

First thing first, tell us how you got into beauty.

Ever since I can remember I always wanted to work for Vogue. I was enchanted by the shoots of Grace Coddington, she made fashion look like art. On my journey through school, internships, and more junior roles, I worked across fashion and beauty but was always drawn to the latter. There was a science behind it, more to learn and play with. The true meaning of beauty since then has changed for me. It’s less about the transformative powers of makeup and more about taking a holistic approach. Good skincare, health, and wellness practices are really what makes someone not only beautiful but happy too.

Where do you usually find out about new products and beauty trends?

I am constantly researching new products and ingredients, it’s my true passion. Alongside the amazing PRs, I work with I also have a wonderful network of women across the world both in and out of the industry who I speak to often.

As a beauty editor, you receive tons of new products to try. But how many are actually making it into your daily rotation? And how do you choose the lucky ones that end up being on your bathroom shelf?

I try every product I write about, but to understand their true efficiency I give them to colleagues, friends, and family to try too, especially when they are for specific concerns. I’m constantly researching so quite often I will know which products I’m desperate to try before they even arrive. Also, I meet some incredible founders and beauty experts so sometimes there is a sense of nostalgia that helps solidify a product's place on my bathroom shelf.  

Right, we want to know your beauty secrets. What is your daily beauty regimen? What is your weekly beauty regimen?
My day to day beauty routine is actually quite simple, just swapping in new products I need to try. In the morning I cleanse, apply a serum, moisturize, add an eye cream, and always finish with SPF. In the evening it’s a similar routine but I will use my more potent and heavier formulas (and no SPF). During the week I do a deeper exfoliation and use masks a few times. 
An expensive-but-worth-it product or treatment?
Tom Ford fragrance. I love so many from his leather accords to fruity and sweet. Even when I finish a bottle, I can’t bring myself to throw it away. For a treatments, it has to be micro-pigmentation on my eyebrows with the only person I trust, Patsy Kerr. She is a true expert and perfectionist.  
Let’s talk body care. What are your favorite products?

Always moisturize! I play between oils and thick butter-like creams. I always have a bottle of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Shimmering Dry Oil on the go for special occasions.

What is your favorite workout? And your favorite supplement?

I love HIIT classes and Pilates, but my favorite workout is meeting up with friends and going for a run on the beach or paddleboarding. For supplements, I play around depending on what I feel my body needs. 

Tell us one of your best-kept beauty secrets.
Every few weeks schedule in a beauty date with yourself. Reexamine your routine, take note of which products you are using and which you aren’t. It will help you become a better consumer and understand your skins forever changing needs.

Are there any beauty secrets that your mother passed down to you?
My mother always took a holistic approach to beauty. Working from the inside out she always spoke about the importance of good nutrition and healthy living.
What are the three beauty products you always have in your handbag?

A powder for touch-ups because at this time of year in Dubai, your makeup can literally melt off your face, a tinted lip balm, and the latest fragrance I’m testing.  

Favorite App on your phone?

Headspace. I listen to it when I’m on the go.

What is your self-care approach?

Focusing on the basics like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, exercising, and trying not to stress too much. If you’re not doing these then no amount of mindfulness and yoga will help you.

And now, a quickfire round. Last thing before bed?

Telling my family, I love them.

First thing in the morning?
Splashing my face with cold water.

Your favorite health spot in Arabia?
The Chiron Clinic. The founder Dr. Lanalle Dunn is a naturopathic physician and has taught me so much. She has also helped heal so many members of my family.

Your favorite holistic destination?
The Maldives. One of the best holidays of my life was at Lux* South Ari Atoll. For my mind just switching off and not having a schedule. For my body lying in the sun, swimming in the ocean, eating delicious healthy food, and visiting their amazing spa. And, for my soul? Just being in nature and spending quality time with the person I love. 
What is your best hidden talent?
Cooking! I’m always trying out new recipes but rarely find time to host any dinner parties.   

What is one dream you have that you have yet to accomplish?
I would love to take a few months to travel around South America with my partner and dogs. Then end up moving somewhere where I can have a mini organic farm with lots of animals including a llama or two.
And last but not least: how do you like your water?
Room temperature, infused with citrus fruits, herbs, and lemongrass.
Find Alexandra on Instagram @Alessandravenison.