A Chat with Lisa Smalpeice and Kerry Moore, Founders of AMLY

AMLY is the name of the wildflower meadow that flourishes on Lisa Smalpeice's organic farm in the heart of the English countryside. On discovering a source of pure silver-rich spring water flowing deep beneath the ancient meadow, she knew she had the perfect beginnings for a unique beauty and wellbeing line.

Kerry Moore is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, the principles of which inform the AMLY range and have inspired the way that Lisa works with and listens to the land.

This deeply intuitive and open approach infuses each product with the energy and dynamism of the land’s botanical treasures. AMLY rituals are infused with Kerry’s working practice: holding your face with an intentionally light touch when you’re using the range and taking a moment to pause and breathe as you spray the AMLY face mists, calms the nervous system and allows space for the body to enter a state of rest from which healing can emerge. 

We've been lucky enough to meet them for a special, intimate, in-depth chat.

Hello Ladies, and welcome to Muse & Heroine! What brought you together and inspired you to launch your brand, AMLY?
KERRY: Lisa & I have been friends for almost 18 years, we are both passionate about wellbeing & beauty. When Lisa and her family moved to an organic farm & discovered the very special water source, I had a lightbulb moment to combine our knowledge and resources and so began the creation of our first Facial mist.
When it comes to your creations, botanicals play a massive role. Where do you source your ingredients from? What are your favourite ingredients to formulate with?
KERRY: Some of our botanicals come from the farm, for the remainder we work closely with our alchemist who sources the very best quality botanicals. He has worked for years to establish relationships with growers whose standards meet his very strict requirements. 
We adore working with plant oils like Rosehip Seed Oil, Borage and Meadowfoam Oil. We also try to include lesser used British botanicals like Hawthorn and Meadowsweet to help preserve plant bio-diversity.
LISA: We are in a unique position to be able to work closely with an abundance of native British plants that flourish here at the farm. I loved formulating COCOON ME body & hair oil which is a new botanical infusion of Elderflower and Hawthorn blossom, gathered at dawn on spring days and hand-stirred into a melange of Meadowsweet, Red Clover and Marshmallow wildflowers from our abundant summer meadows. Our signature face mists are brimming with the unique silver-rich spring water sourced from deep below our organic land. We also produce our own honey and apple cider vinegar, two exceptional ingredients which feature in our Bio fermented Facial Essences.
What would be your perfect Amly skincare routine? 
KERRY: I think the Evening Ritual is the most important as it is vital to cleanse properly to allow your repairing/nourishing products to work optimally.
Cleanse Deep Reveal ( double cleanse if wearing makeup )
Press 3-4 drops of Nocturnal Nectar into the skin.
Massage a small scoop of Sleep Tight into skin ( a little goes a long way!)
Mist Beauty Sleep around pillow and face before sleep to help you drift into a deep, restful slumber.

Your range is a modern expression of effective holistic skincare. Can you explain this inspiring definition?
KERRY: As a Holistic Practitioner it has been very important to acknowledge that skincare is more than just the effect the products have on the skin. The aromatherapeutic scents have an impact on our overall well being helping both physically, mentally and emotionally. How we incorporate ritual with touch, time and mindfulness can also greatly improve our wellbeing.
We marry the worlds of botanical tradition with modern bioactives and a deep knowledge of holistic wellbeing and mindful ritual.
What is your self-care approach?
KERRY: Both Lisa and I incorporate holistic wellbeing methods into our self care. We both exercise regularly, eat fresh ( organic where possible) food, walk in nature and use products on our bodies and in our homes that keep toxic levels at a minimum. Incorporating skincare rituals to ensure at least twice a day we pay attention to our skin and selves.
LISA: Depositing my mobile phone in a safe spot on Friday night and not looking at it again until Monday morning!

What do you do to relax?
KERRY: I love walking in the countryside with my dog.
LISA:  World Cinema – Three Colours trilogy always sends me into a reverie every time.

And now, get ready for our quickfire round. 
Name three beauty products that you always have in your handbag.


Mini Amly Digital Detox or Radiance Boost
Amly Purifying Hand Mist
Buly - Baume des Muse Lip Balm

What is the last thing you do before going to sleep?
KERRY: Mist my face with Beauty Sleep!
LISA: Wim Hof’s breathing exercises. I sleep so much better now and feel refreshed in the morning.

And the first thing you do in the morning?
KERRY: I honestly mist my face with Radiance Boost , it wakes me up. The mists really are my best friends!
LISA: 10-minute yoga session for my back and neck health followed by a mug of strong English Breakfast Tea.

Your bucket-list holistic destination? 
KERRY: Bhutan!
LISA:  Shikoku Pilgrimage trail. The complete journey through all four provinces with visits to 88 temples along the way symbolises the path to enlightenment and can take anywhere from one to two months to complete. Experiencing the traditional Ryokan guesthouses with their natural spring baths en route would be a particular highlight for me.
Your brunch orders?
KERRY: Avocado on Sourdough or Huevos Rancheros 
LISA: Fried Eggs With Truffles.
What is the best thing about being female entrepreneurs?
KERRY: We have so many amazing girlfriends who have incredible businesses and we all support each other and share knowledge. I’m not sure men do the same?
LISA: Intuition. They call it “women's intuition” for a reason. Multi-tasking, patience and listening.

What is one dream you have that you have yet to accomplish?
KERRY: I would love to open an Amly Holistic Wellbeing destination incorporating all the modalities I have worked in.
LISA: Design and build my own eco dwelling on an island in Greece.

And last but not least, tell us one of your personal best kept pearl of wisdom.
KERRY: Always wait until the next day to respond to something when you are angry or upset.
LISA: Travel - max out your holiday time every year.
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Credits Ph: AMLY