Anti-Aging 101: The Muse & Heroine Way

We love you, that’s why we decided to share our top 5 anti-aging skincare must-dos. And none of them include a trip to the surgeon.

Let’s set the record straight: it’s never too soon or too late to start taking care of your skin. Especially when unexpected signs of aging start to pop up. Here are the usual suspects: the eye area, the smile lines, the forehead, in between the eyebrows and on the neck. Please, do not despair. Treating fine lines and wrinkles doesn’t necessarily require an expensive trip to the cosmetic surgeon: a regular skincare routine packed with anti-aging products can make a real difference in how your skin looks and feels. 
Cleanse your skin morning and night.
Even if you don’t wear makeup, cleansing is very important to remove dead cells, pollution, excess sebum, and break down your Spf. By unclogging your pores and letting your skin breathe regularly, you’ll keep it young and radiant as well as creating a perfect blank canvas for the following treatments. Your skin will thank you.
I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but it’s a must-do. One of the biggest factors in aging is the dryness of the skin. It’s super important to choose the right moisturizer packed with hydrating and nourishing ingredients and apply it every day, morning and night. Here are two of our favorite options: Cecilia Holistic Beauty Ageless Crème Riche e and Macrene Actives High-Performance Face Cream.
Get the most out of your night’s sleep.
According to dermatologists, our skin’s recovery time is at night, especially after being exposed to many different harmful and stressful factors during the day. Collagen is a helpful chemical that makes sure that our skin is healthy, young, and hydrated. It’s important to make sure to choose overnight treatments packed with helpful ingredients that will ensure that collagen is restored within the skin. Try to improve your sleep quality with Depuravita Smart Sleep Drops.
Exfoliate on the reg.
As a certain Marilyn Monroe once said, “Chemical exfoliants are a girl’s best friend”. Chemical exfoliation is key to see increased smoothness, improved skin tone, and fewer wrinkles. Exfoliation is necessary to make sure that all of the expensive anti-aging creams and serums you’re splurging on are actually able to penetrate deeply into the skin and make a difference. A piece of advice to choose your fighter: alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) is pretty intense and works great to dissolve any dead skin cells, while beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is great to reach deep into the skin and unclog your pores. While on the subject, we especially love this exfoliating mask. Warning: exfoliation makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. This leads us to our next point…
Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Everyday.
Especially if you are exfoliating your skin on the reg – which you should. Not wearing a sunscreen speeds up the process of aging, as well as increasing the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation. Spf is really the most important step of your anti-aging skincare routine - 90% of premature aging is actually due to sun exposure alone. That means, you can have the most amazing, expensive skincare routine, but without wearing Spf daily you won’t be able to get the most out of it.
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