Australian greens are some of the most powerful ingredients in skincare

Australia's diverse climate has ensured the evolution of some of the most powerful botanical actives. Those super powerful oils offer super benefits for our skin too.

Australia's, hot, dry and sunshine-soaked climate, with eco-regions including desert, rainforest and grassland, has ensured the evolution of a myriad of unique and powerful native plants. To withstand and survive the challenges of extreme Australian climate and terrain, those native plants are bursting with super-charged, nutrient-dense oils with potent actives. Those super powerful liquids offer super benefits for our skin too.
The geographical location of a botanical, infact, has a great impact on the compound constituents of all its plant oils. In their natural habitat, plants absorb and generate the nourishment they need to grow and flourish from the available soil and climate. The excess energy they create is converted into valuable fatty acids and glycerol (triglycerides): those, along with excess vitamins and minerals, form a nutrient rich oil that is unique to each plant species.
Essential oils produced by plants play the important protective role from the threat of immediate environmental danger, such as bacteria, fungi, UV rays etc. and to repel marauding insects - while also attracting pollinators with their aroma.
If you want to experiment the power of Australian nature directly on your skin, try Ipsum. Created by former beauty journalist and author Janet Hayward, Ipsum products are infused with the knowledge, belief and devotion in the unique and effective power of pure plant oils.
Ipsum uses the highest quality, sustainably-sourced, pure and organic oils, esters and waxes which are carefully extracted only from plants grown and harvested in their native habitat - including unique botanicals from sunshine-soaked Australia - to ensure optimum efficacy and integrity of benefits to skin.
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