New In: Biom'Sphere Repair and Restore Night Serum by Seed to Skin

Take your Skincare Routine to the next level with the new Seed to Skin Biom'Sphere Repair and Restore Night Serum. Here are all the deets and a sneaky bonus review.

If you've been hanging around at Muse & Heroine for a bit now, you must have heard us talking about Borgo Santo Pietro and Seed to Skin almost a million times.
Borgo Santo Pietro is a wellness oasis in the middle of Tuscany: a stunning place where luxury and simplicity meet, to reveal a truly magical ambiance where you can spend some unforgettable moments away from the buzz and chaos of the city. This awesome retreat is the birthplace of one of Muse & Heroine’s favourite beauty ranges: Seed to Skin. A unique skincare line expertly crafted by hand by combining natural ingredients with advanced molecular science to harness the true power of nature.
Today we are super happy to introduce another very important step to your Seed to Skin Skincare routine: The Biom'Sphere night serum.
 This rebalancing night serum is the perfect tool to insure clear, balanced and hydrated skin. It is an effective, handcrafted, scientifically proven night treatment that is able to provide the essential food for your skin’s microbiota. The outermost boundary of the skin is covered by a protecting and hydrating biofilm. This biofilm is home to our skin microbiota that keeps the enemies of the skin out. It can be greatly compromised during menopause, stress, pregnancy and other hormonal changes, as well as from everyday actions. The Biom’Sphere serum has a three-stage action for the skin and works to restore the skin biome, hold moisture and supply vital oxygen to the deepest layers of the dermis.
This unique formula aids the recovery of the skin microflora to promote healthy and exceptionally clear skin by deeply hydrating, balancing and restoring the skin’s natural defence mechanism.
Its delicate formula is suitable for all ages all skin types. 
How does it work?

The Biom’Sphere serum has a three-stage action for the skin and works to:

  • Restore skin biome
  • Hold moisture in the deepest layer
  • Supply vital oxygen to the deeper layers of the dermis
We've been lucky enough to have the chance to try this incredible new night treatment in advance: here is a little review.

"Like every other Seed to Skin product, the Biom'Sphere Repair and Restore Overnight Serum comes in a beautiful, luxurious, eco-conscious packaging. The ingredient list is very conveniently placed a the back of the box: even at first glance, it's impossible not to notice how many amazing ingredients are contained in this formula. The product itself has a lovely, subtle, calming scent and a very interesting consistency - definitely serum-y and easy to absorb yet rich and decadent. It truly is a real pleasure to use.

Since using it for a few days I can safely say that it is definitely effective. My skin is more clear, balanced, and deeply hydrated. To me, it's a beauty sleep in a bottle". MF


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