Learn all about all the Magic Ingredients inside Cecilia Holistic Beauty Skincare

Cecilia Holistic Beauty is not like any other skincare range: its botanic approach has deep, flourishing roots and it is grounded in the holy spirit of nature. Here is a closer look at all the rare ingredients that make Cecilia's potions so magic.

Cecilia Holistic Beauty's ingredients are a true gift from mother nature.

Born in Botanical and Mineral Reigns, all the ingredients che chooses are highest quality, transformed as little as possible and preserved only through physical processes like concentration, reduction of water activity and low-temperatures.

In her family's 50 years of experience, they've always tried their best to make every product contributing positively both to individual well-being and to the planet, thanks to ethical harvesting, production and purchasing decisions, transparency, honesty, social sustainability, a zero-waste and a less-but-better philosophy. Now, let's learn about some of her most iconic active botanicals.

Cecilia Holistic Beauty: The Sacred Ingredients

African Palm - Elaeis guineensis Jacq.

In traditional African medicine different parts of the plant are used as laxative and diuretic, as a poison antidote, as a cure for gonorrhea, menorrhagia, and bronchitis, to treat headaches and rheumatism, to promote healing of fresh wounds and treat skin infections. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, it is emollient, moisturizing, soothing, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory.

You can Find African Palm in the Miracle Baume.


Amber Extract.

The use of amber extends as far back as 13,000 years ago. Amber was historically used for three primary purposes: fuel, decoration, and for healing/medicinal purposes (amber teething necklaces). There are many existing examples of amber being used in sculptures, jewelry, ceremonial pieces, and even instruments and decorative tools throughout the world. Amber was considered valuable and was a popular trading item, especially in cultures where amber jewelry was highly prized. In skincare Amber is exfoliating, purifying, revitalizing, antibacterial. It is perfect for soothing acne, brightening, reducing pores, lines and wrinkles, and cleansing the energy.

You can find Amber in the Bleu Oceanic Potion.

 Blue Chamomile - Matricaria chamomilla L.

Chamomile is old school. It’s been used since ancient times. Both the Egyptians and the ancient Romans used chamomile in tea, salves, creams, incenses and other beverages. In Egypt, chamomile was prescribed as a cold remedy. In ancient Egypt, chamomile was sacred to the sun god Ra and was highly revered over all other herbs. Chamomile flowers are found depicted in many ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back to over 2,000 years. Chamomile was valued not only as an herb that could heal any ailments, but Egyptian nobility also used it in their beauty regimens. It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, emollient, calming, cell regenerating, brightening, lines reducing and soothing.

You can find Blue Chamomile in the Bleu Oceanic Potion.

Blue Tansy - Tanacetum annuum L.

While Morocco claims blue tansy as its own, it’s widely believed the ancient Greeks were the first to discover the many medicinal benefits of the plant. Meanwhile, Benedictine monks relied on it for fevers, digestive upsets, rheumatism and even to support the body through a measles outbreak. It has also been used to treat gout. The Cherokee Indians used an infusion of the plant to treat backaches and tied it around their waist and placed it in their shoes to prevent miscarriages. It was also used to treat dizziness and weakness. It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, emollient, it clears pores, it is calming, antiseptic, healing, reduces lines and redness, and soothes irritation, eczema, dermatitis.

You can find Blue Tansy in the Eternal Youth Sérum.

Camu Camu - Myrciaria dubia McVaugh

The camu camu berry is a commonly found in the South American rain forest. The shrub is found all the way from the North of Peru to the South of Brazil. The tree is heavily concentrated around the Amazon River. The berry which is grown on the camu camu plant is rich in Vitamin C and has been used for medicinal purposes by the Amazonian Indians for more than 700 years. Folklore tails from the Indian tribes indicate that the fruit can help treat infections, decrease pain, strengthen joints, and maintain longevity. Its action is antioxidant, anti-aging, glowing, protective.

You can find Camu Camu in the Blossom Elixir Lotion.

Cupuassu - Theobroma grandiflorum K.Schum.

Cupuassu is native to the Amazon basin and it is extensively cultivated in the north of Brazil, with the largest production in Pará, followed by Amazonas, Rondônia and Acre. It is also cultivated in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Cupuassu is wildly popular in Brazil as well as other parts of South America despite taking a back seat to cacao during the past century. For centuries, natives of the rainforest have used the fruit of the cupuassu tree as a main source of food and it continues to be a delicacy in the more populated towns of South America. It is a super-moisturizer, with firming, emollient, softening, regenerating, and antioxidant properties.

You can find Cupuassu in the Ageless Crème Riche.


The stories about graphite go back to about 1500 when an enormous deposit of graphite was discovered in the Borrowdale Parish in England. One of its first uses was as a refractory material to line molds for cannon balls, which resulted in rounder, smoother ammunition that could be fired farther. This better way of making the balls contributed to the growing superiority of the English Navy back then. Named in 1789 by the German chemist and mineralogist A.G. Werner, the name for graphite is derived from the Greek Word graphein, which means: to write. The name therefore denotes the primary use of graphite as an ingredient used to make the lead for writing pencils. Graphite was first discovered in Cumbria in North England at the beginning of the sixteenth century. In Skincare, Graphite is exfoliating, detoxifying, purifying, healing, brightening, softening, and energy cleansing.

You can find Graphite in the Midsummer Night Noir Masque.

Papaya - Carica Papaya L.

Papaya is native to tropical America, from Southern Mexico through the Andes of South America. It was spread to the south by Indians, and throughout the Caribbean with Spanish exploration. The Spanish also carried it to Europe and the Pacific Islands. By the mid 17th century, papaya was distributed pantropically. Papaya was introduced to Hawaii in the 1800s, and Hawaii remains the only state in the USA to produce papaya commercially. In Skincare, Papaya is plumping, firming, nourishing, rejuvenating, hydrating, brightening, and it reduces lines and dark spots.

You can find Papaya in the Golden Glow Baume Yeux.


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