Stilblut's Musings: The Christmas Wish List

Christmas is coming closer, probably the most unusual Christmas ever for most of us.

There is a lot of insecurity about how to spend it - with or without the family, only with the closest circle...Quite sure without visiting several relatives or the traditional meeting of home town friends. But one thing we can plan is what we want to give - also to ourselves. I will not lie, it's hard to gift me anything beauty related, because I already have a lot of stuff. But if I didn't have the following products, I would be extremely grateful, to find them under my Christmas tree.
Small but mighty nail oil
The 18:30 nail oil by UKA is small but mighty. I have several oils especially for the nails, also as rollers, but I don't use them. The rollers are too big, it gets messy or, even worse, nothing comes out of the bottle. This one by UKA is perfect - it has exactly the right size (also for the handbags), a nice unwinding scent and it's a pleasure to use it. My nails are soaking it up and feel more flexible & healthier.
The most effective natural Deodorant
I have tested natural deodorants since the beginning of the year - after a weaning phase, some of them worked pretty well, but none of them blew me away. Then I ruined a vintage silk top with one, it dyed the seams under the arm pits of the cream silk dream completely yellow, a nasty yellow. So, I stopped trying and stayed with a clear spray, which doesn't dye but also isn't that effective. Then a little white stick by Agent Nateur arrived - I already heard great things about it, but I'm a sceptical person. There is so much praising nowadays, so many products and few things impress me by now. This one made it - it's so good, effective and handy, definitely worth the hype.
Oldie but Goldie
Short and sweet: The Enzyme Mask by Susanne Kaufmann is one of the masks I already emptied. Love the crystal clear and gel-like texture, the fresh eucalyptus scent and the mild exfoliating effect. I think it works for many skin types. I keep it in the fridge, which adds some depuffing to its benefits.
Liquid lipstick love x Clove & Hallow
Another ‘worth the hype’ product. Both the lipsticks and liquid lipsticks are great, they glide on smoothly, stay well and are completely free from nasties. We eat a lot of lipsticks during our lifetime, so I prefer a clean formula most of the time. The shade of the Lip Velvet Road Trip is a beautiful vibrant pink.
Wrapped in a warm and cosy blanket
The brand new perfume roller by Pauline Rochas is a new stage of clean & luxury fragrances. An elegant sleek packaging and very special ingredients like CBD, make this perfume extraordinary. The scent Midnight Breaths is divine, I fell for it the second I first smelled it. A warm earthy and smoky scent but at the same time there is something mellow, which feels like being wrapped in a warm and cosy blanket. If this is empty, I would be more than happy to receive it as a gift.
The Face Dry Brush
Another short and sweet talk about a product: The face brush by RUHI is an essential - I love every kind of uncomplicated massage tool and this will be perfect during cold seasons, to remove dead skin cells gently and make my complexion look more radiant.
The Super Serum
The serums by Ubuna come in a very lightweight packaging. To be honest, my first thought was: why isn't such a high-grade product in a glass bottle. But beside the airless dispenser, which keeps the ingredients & high-tech formula safe and stable, it's so practical and carry plus travel friendly. And: the Brighten Maximum Glow Serum performs really great. Thanks to vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin and Squalene, it provides the skin with the perfect balance of brightening and moisturising properties. The one in the picture is a trial size btw., which is part of the Discovery Set.
If you have questions about one of the products on my wish list, you can always drop me a dm at @Stilblut on Instagram. Happy Friday to everyone, stay safe and healthy.
Credits Ph: Stilblut.