The Muse & Heroine Christmas Edit: Netflix, Treats, Beauty...

Merry Christmas to all of you, Muses & Heroines, this Holiday Season would not be the same without you. Stay Safe and take this opportunity to dive deep into the world of self-care with our Festive Picks...

Our Entertainment Picks
Cable Girls
In 1928, a modern telecommunications company begins to operate in Madrid. The series tells of how the lives of four young women change after they start working for this company, which offers them decent pay and some independence. Each woman has a different reason for joining the company. Alba Romero, who goes by the name Lidia Aguilar to conceal her identity, seeks a job at the telecommunications company to complete a mission. Ángeles Vidal is a mother who works to help provide for her family and is the most experienced switchboard operator at the telecommunications company. Carlota Senillosa wants a job at the telecommunications company to escape her controlling father and her rigid high society life, and Marga Suarez joins the company to start a new chapter of her life. The four women begin to form a close friendship, and, together, they navigate their personal lives and their work. The show reveals the hardships that working women faced in 1920s Spain, and especially the severe restrictions on the rights of Spanish women in a male-dominated society.
The Queen’s Gambit
The Queen's Gambit follows the life of an orphan chess prodigy, Beth Harmon, during her quest to become the world's greatest chess player while struggling with emotional problems and drug and alcohol dependency. The title of the series refers to a chess opening of the same name. The story begins in the mid-1950s and proceeds into the 1960s. The story begins in Lexington, Kentucky, where a nine-year-old Beth, having lost her mother in a car crash, is taken to an orphanage where she is taught chess by the building's custodian, Mr. Shaibel…
Ratched is a suspenseful drama series that tells the origin story of asylum nurse Mildred Ratched. In 1947, Mildred arrives in Northern California to seek employment at a leading psychiatric hospital where new and unsettling experiments have begun on the human mind. On a clandestine mission, Mildred presents herself as the perfect image of what a dedicated nurse should be, but the wheels are always turning and as she begins to infiltrate the mental health care system and those within it, Mildred's stylish exterior belies a growing darkness that has long been smoldering within, revealing that true monsters are made, not born.
Rebecca is a 1938 Gothic novel by English author Dame Daphne du Maurier. It concerns an unnamed young woman who impetuously marries a wealthy widower, only to discover that he and his household are haunted by the memory of his late first wife, the title character. A best-seller which has never gone out of print, Rebecca sold 2.8 million copies between its publication in 1938 and 1965. It has been adapted numerous times for stage and screen, including a 1939 play by du Maurier herself, the film Rebecca (1940), directed by Alfred Hitchcock, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture.
Tasty Self-Love Treats
Pearl powder, a life enhancing super nutrient that emerged in 350AD, was the best-kept secret of the ancient world. Mixed into the beauty elixirs and love potions of chinese empresses, pearl powder boost anti-aging and anti anxiety properties. It has been hailed a potent Shen Tonic, soul nourisher that boosts female vitality and inner calm. Today Pearl powder is well known for its health benefits, rich in amino acids, calcium and magnesium.
Herbal Chai is a warming Ayurvedic mix that includes cardamom, cloves, star anise, and a sprinkling of cinnamon. There is no tea / caffeine in our Chai mix. Rose is known in Ayurvedic tradition as a spiritual heart-opener. The chai intensifies the power of the cacao, while the sprinkling of rose petals provide moments of lightness on the palette.
ging, bad nutrition and pollution can weaken the skin’s protective collagen barrier. Nourish your skin from the inside out with 100% natural, raw and vegan collagen chocolates. A unique formula that combines premium raw cocoa with CeramosidesTM: an innovative ingredient that helps lock in skin moisture by restoring vital lipids. Nutricosmetics are a new approach to beauty. The oral route brings many advantages.
A deliciously aromatic brew, designed to replenish energy levels and give you back that youthful glow. A mild blend that included all organic ingredients with high concentrations of antioxidants and flavonoids to help combat free radicals.
100 g pack including 30 handy single-dose filters that allow you to enjoy your tea without the need for any infuser or measurer.
Three selected teas for inner beauty, relaxation and health. Alkalizing Tea: The harmoniously matched herbs have been chosen to also have an effect of relaxation and strengthen the immune system. Refreshing Tea: Verbena contains, inter alia, bitter, phlegm and tannins as well as silica. The combination of these ingredients has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect. Peppermint is refreshing and the orange colour of the marigold lifts up the senses. Immune Tea: Two to three cups of the recommended mixing, you should drink hot right at the start of a cold. The tea blend contains diaphoretic ingredients as elderflower. The mucolytic, expectorant promoting and antibacterial properties of chamomille have proven to treat inflammation of the airways and cough. Similarly, rooibos and bee balm which give the mixture a pleasant taste effect. The immune tea helps the body to strengthen its own defenses and supports the immune system in order to arm itself against colds.
Cooconing self-care Tools
This pink clay powder mask is a deeply soothing treatment for stressed and sensitive skin. Enriched with 100 % active ingredients calm and soothe the skin, improve the texture, promote moisture retention, and leave the skin glowing.
The calming mask immediately soothes reddened and irritated skin. It contains a finely coordinated herbal compound of St. John’s wort, marigold blossoms and fireweed flowers. These plants are known for their relaxing and harmonizing effect. It also contains cosmeceuticals which repair and regenerate the skin long-lasting. Also, very suitable for skin prone to couperose. The pleasant scent makes the mask an ideal evening relaxation ritual. It is particularly effective if preceded by a peel.
Let your skin be embraced by one of the most potent, enzymatic rich, bioactive honeys in the world. This Raw Manuka-hug is coupled with a rare blend of comforting butters, exotic powders, soothing oils and the signature Sweet Serenity high-vibe bouquet, all swirled into an abundant, lush mousse. Dive into its delicate healing symphony to tame inflammation, deliver deeply calming hydration whilst restoring and brightening the complexion. Mask & Wash specializes in stressed, traumatized and dehydrated skin, also helps to boost collagen and manages sun damage. This honeyed skin dessert with its chocolaty flair is ready to reveal your most radiant, vibrant complexion ever. 
Meet your new holy grail night-time resurfacing treatment. This bouncy skin-refinishing mask provides retinol benefits without the sensitivity. A generous concentration of clinically proven Dew Bean (also commonly known as Moth Bean) provides results overnight. This protein and vitamin A-rich legume replaces conventional retinol which can cause peeling, and sun-sensitivity. The exfoliating and smoothing effects are further enhanced by its ability to retain moisture, earning this legume its luscious name. While Dew Bean polishes and plumps, Niacinamide, Lactic and Glycolic Acids act as the formula’s lightworkers, gently lifting away dry skin, lightening dark spots and inspiring cellular renewal. Organic Aloe, Bamboo Extract, mini and micro molecules of Sodium Hyaluronate ensure pillowy soft skin by morning.
A luxurious jelly textured soap and body mask made from nourishing olive oil and fresh eucalyptus leaf oil.  Originally made in Syria, this soap then became very popular in Morocco where it is still used today in traditional hammams.
Amethyst, the crystal of harmony, and serenity. It equilibrates the body and mind and reinforces the intuition. Its virtues are soothing and purifying. The massage of the Horn Shaped Gua Sha drains the lymphatic system and stimulates your fluids giving your skin its glow back.
For lustrous strands fit for a crown, this multi-hyphenate 3-ingredient serum is infused with amla extract, which includes a high concentration of oleic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin E, jasmine oil, and sunflower oil to control breakage, encourage hair growth, and nourish the scalp. Thanks to our cold-pressed extraction method, each and every ingredient is blended at the highest potency. 
With this vegan Ruhi massage brush made from 100% pure vegetable sisal fibers, you brush all parts of the body particularly intensively. Sisal bristles are a bit firmer by nature, helping you to get an extra invigorating massage.

Once again, Merry Christmas to all of my Muses & Heroines. Thank you for an amazing holiday season together. We love you!

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