Introducing Combeau: skin supplements led by science, for a beautiful complexion inside and out

We couldn't wait to share this with you, and the moment has finally arrived. Prepare to fall in love with Combeau: the french inner beauty routine that’s shaking the industry. Elegant, Innovative, and truly effective.

We know it, out lifestyles have radically changed in recent centuries: a frenetic pace, a low-nutrient diet, air pollution, aggressive treatments, emotional stress, - or, more frequently, all of the above - prohibit our organism from functioning optimally.
Studies are unanimous: western populations have multiple mild nutritional deficiencies that our organism cannot tolerate repeatedly. Each day without brings on new cellular damages which, in the long run, have evergrowing repercussions on our skin’s well-being, which is our largest organ and the reflection of what happens inside.
Skin type is often associated with skin conditions (dehydrated, mature, sensitive/delicate, with imperfections, tired, dull…). They vary through life and particularly when the skin faces too many aggressions. In order to act efficiently on those imbalances, it is necessary to consider the skin as a whole by focusing on the roots of these disruptions: that’s why it’s important to adopt an inner beauty routine to partially reduce nutritional deficiencies while stimulating the essentials mechanisms linked to the proper functioning of the body and the skin. In particular: cellular regeneration, collagen synthesis, or protection against free radicals.
  Beauty cannot be reduced to appearance but that it begins inside: to feel good about oneself, you have to start by listening to your body and your needs.
This is the proactive approach to beauty that COMBEAU© adopted for the development of “L’Essentiel Peau”.
 "L’Essentiel Peau” is a universal dietary supplement that benefits from 4 clinical studies, with a natural and vegan formula created to suit anyone, even those who are more sensitive. So, whether you are a woman, a man, a high-level sportsman/athlete, inveterate partygoer, vegetarian, vegan, “l’Essentiel Peau” is (made) for you.
COMBEAU©’s entire philosophy is based on the perfect combination of very high-quality ingredients to improve assimilation by the organism and finally reveal real results that are visible on the outside and felt inside. But as we know, an active ingredient never fully performs alone: to be optimally assimilated, it needs to combine with other nutrients. Yet, the risk is that it will compete with other nutrients and thus never make it to the intestinal barrier. It is all a matter of combination. In short, the perfect combeau. L’Essentiel Peau by COMBEAU© is an intelligent design of 7, locally sourced in France, superpowered active ingredients that took almost 2 years to perfect. When creating the formula, the founder used the power of science + nature to combine natural with effectiveness.
The benefits?
1. Reduces imperfections by awakening radiance and slowing down cellular aging.
2. Maintains skins’hydration.
3. Increases cellular regeneration
4. Boosts emotional serenity
The Formula?
HYALURONIC ACID - hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights is close to that naturally produced by the body, easy to assimilate.
RED ALGA HAEMATOCOCCUS PLUVIALIS (ASTAXANTHIN) - Most powerful natural secondary antioxidant, soothing and protecting.
ORGANIC ACEROLA - the richest source of vitamin C that can be found.
ORGANIC SEA-BUCKTHORN - composed of more than 190 bioactive nutrients, this sea-buckthorn is particularly rich in vitamins and omegas.
ZINC BISGLYCINATE - a cofactor of multiple enzymes that are essential in the fight against free radicals.
SOD B® OF ORGANIC MELON - patented primary antioxidant, it prevents and avoids the production of free radicals by limiting the initiation phase of oxidation reactions.
ORGANIC SAFFRON - anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
The Founder
Is amazing superwoman Erika Fogeiro. Here's her insight: "I think it’s important to lay the emphasis on the product and its formula, which is the only french made nutricosmetic formula that has benefited from 4 clinical studies and does not contain any additives & co. It is a 100% active combination. The formula is a true synergy of amazing natural ingredients and actives. We did not follow the traditional market segmentation and instead have decided to create an all-in-one product - which is revolutionary."
Formulated from certified organic plant extracts.
Without synthetic vitamins.
Without irradiation.
No solvents from the petrochemical industry.
Without nanoparticles.
Without aromas.
Without food coloring.
Without added sugar.
Without allergens.
Without additives.
Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.
Formulated without cruelty to animals.
Made in France.
We are thrilled to announce that from today you can find COMBEAU© on Muse and Heroine. Get ready to share your inner beauty routine on Instagram @muse_and_heroine.