Here's how to get the ultimate glow with Mask 27 and Plasma 27

A multi-tasking skin vitalizing mask and a moisturizing, soothing, relaxing cellulose mask: here's Cosmetics 27's dynamic duo for effortlessly glowing skin. #MaskingMonth

We all thrive for good, glowing, blemish-free healthy skin.
We all would love to take control of our skin and make it be and do what we want. It is not about forcing our skin or contriving it into something it is not, it is just about doing the right things for it and getting to understand what are our skin likes and needs. 
Masking is a key topic, especially during summer - here is a deep insight on two excellent and super hydrating and soothing treatments by clean beauty powerhouse Cosmetics 27.
A multi-tasking skin vitalizing mask. Intense moisturizer, that detoxifies and replenishes the skin to bring an instant plumping effect and a natural healthy glow. Its natural composition around Centella Asiatica, Immortal of Italy, and Lemon Balm provides a complete skin-renewing, relaxing treatment. Mask 27 relaxes and visibly distresses the skin, reducing signs of fatigue. The prebiotic action helps to reconstitute the skin microbiota.
Special summer tip:
Mask 27 can be applied as a quick treatment for instant glow or as a sleeping mask.
Plasma 27 is a pre-impregnated natural cellulose mask. It provides the skin with a moisturizing, soothing, relaxing action. It also helps stimulate the skin’s ability to rebalance, decompress, and self-regenerate. A  skin treatment that stimulates and brightens the complexion, while lifting the features and reducing visible signs of stress and fatigue. Its secret lies in the combination of treatment support with a naturally active formula that saturates the mask. Place it over the whole face for 10 minutes for an instant glow effect before a going out, it is the perfect relaxing treatment to reduce signs of stress and fatigue ... and confinement.

Special summer tip: 

for a decongesting and cooling effect, store it in the fridge!
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All Credits Ph: Cosmetics 27.