Crème de La Nuit, the New Miraculous Night Treatment by Odacité

Odacité's newest addition is a game changer for your skin. We had a chance to try it and we can't tell you enough how miraculous it is. Here's all you need to know about Crème de La Nuit.

Crème de la Nuit is the story of a dream, a dream come true.
Crème de la Nuit is the last step of your evening skincare routine, and the first step to waking up with refreshed, deeply hydrated skin that looks visibly younger.
Both clinical and botanical actives play an essential role in maximizing the skin’s nocturnal renewal process, while flooding the skin with moisture to compensate for transepidermal water loss.
Crème de la Nuit - Why it works
While asleep, cell division that renews and repairs skin is at its peak. Crème De La Nuit infuses your skin with Super Antioxidants CoQ10, Minerals & Vitamins to synergistically support the natural night regeneration process for a more youthful appearance. Skin’s temperature heightens during sleep, making skin more receptive to permeation & enhances Crème De La Nuit’s absorption. When skin temperature rises, skin barrier water loss is inevitable. Crème De La Nuit is formulated with skin quenching Hyaluronic Acid to help to combat Transepidermal Water Loss. Moreover, over time, perpetual tension and stress can form into fine lines and deep wrinkles. An acupressure beauty tool is included to promote facial muscle relaxation.


Crème de la Nuit - The Results

The efficacy of Crème de la Nuit was measured through a clinical and a consumer study from day one to day 28. Skin condition measured through clinical study revealed significant improvement in hydration, elasticity and firmness of the skin, when used as directed. After 4 weeks over 95% of tester study panel agreed that their skins looking more hydrated, younger and healthier than ever. Over 95% felt that their skin looked More Youthful In Just 4 Weeks.

Crème de la Nuit combines the power of clinical grade ingredients with high-performance botanicals in a prodigious velvety texture that traps the actives at the heart of the skin to quickly deliver remarkable results - at any age.

Crème de la Nuit - Meet the Founder

Odacité came to life after Valerie Grandury was diagnosed with breast cancer. She promised herself to never again expose her body to toxic ingredients, starting with the products that she was applying on her skin. Born & raised in Paris, living in Los Angeles, she dreamt of a way to unite the best of both worlds: the research and expertise of French skincare with the healthy and green California lifestyle. And so Odacité was born, so that each formula can be as pure as it is effective and as natural as it is powerful.

What is the inspiration behind Crème de la Nuit?

Crème de la Nuit is the story of a dream come true… A dream that took two years and 22 formulations until we got remarkable results we could prove through both clinical and consumer study.

 What are the results one can expect after trying the Crème de la Nuit for one night? And for a month?

The clinical results measured significant improvements in hydration, elasticity and firmness - the 3 most important pillars of youthful skin - after just 2 weeks of use.

What is spectacular is that 86% of our study panel says their skin looks visibly more hydrated after the first night. At 21 days, 82% felt their skin looked visibly younger. 

At 28 days 91% all agreed that the general/healthy looking appearance of the skin was improved.

 What are the most effective actives contained in Crème de la Nuit?

What if natural could give you clinical powers, this is what Crème de la Nuit does for your skin. 

Clinical grade actives are carefully blended in a precision formula using high-performance plant and ocean botanicals. The velvety formula is never greasy, making this night elixir fabulous for all skin types including combination to oilier skins. 

To achieve the remarkable clinical results, we combined the clinical powers of age-defying Vitamin C, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and super-antioxidant CoQ10 with adaptive Ashwagandha, glow-activating Pomegranate and mineral rich Kelp & Blue Green Algae.  

Crème de la Nuit brings clinical powers to your night regimen, without sacrificing the naturalité, it’s like something you’ve never seen before!

How would you incorporate Crème de la Nuit in an Odacité night-time skincare routine?
  • Cleanse with Blue Aura Cleansing Water
  • Apply Ba+S Eye Contour Serum to the eye area
  • Apply Crème de la Nuit to face and neck
  • Finish with a veil of Aventurine Kiss lip serum on your lips. 

As a final touch, use the acupressure tool - included with Crème de la Nuit – to melt away facial tensions. Your skin is now ready for the most restorative night.


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 Credits Ph: Odacité