Why cultivating hydration is a small act of self care

Most of us busy, often overly scheduled individuals feel overwhelmed and stressed as soon as we hear anything that starts with daily and ends with self-care.

Not to mention the feeling of intimidation when adding words like commitment. Self-care is often presented as an act of lux pampering when wandering online through the endless sources of inspiration and information on ways to improve our wellbeing.
And as much as we love and appreciate great sources, the one thing that always strikes us is how a lot of this information is often delivered in a very over-complicated way. Making us almost feel like in order to live our best live ever, we should get up at the crack of dawn and savor unattainable workouts while watching the sun rise. Spoiler: this is not what self-care is all about. 
Self-Care is determined by what happens on the inside when we care for ourselves and is not meant to be complicated or leave us feeling devastated and drained. It’s about identifying with and looking after our human needs.  It’s all about nourishing our bodies with food and hydration, creating healthy habits, and prioritizing them. So, if committing to refueling and being an overall healthier you are a huge part of self-care, cultivating hydration and making sipping water a habit are a small acts of daily self-love. 
Love yourself first, you deserve it. And remember to drink plastic-free. Here’s some of our favorite glass bottles. Share with us your favorite daily self-love rituals @muse_and_heroine.