Do I really need a tongue cleaner? YES – here`s why

Ever wondered why you wake up in the morning with unsexy breath? Given much thought to the health of your oral microbiome, beyond the old toothbrush and paste? Curious about that furry white layer on your tongue? Gross, yes. So let’s talk about tongue cleaners. 

Bacteria accumulate on your tongue while you sleep
There are hundreds of tiny lines running along the surface of your tongue where bacteria feed on food leftovers and dead cells. These bacteria have fun multiplying while you sleep when there is less saliva in your mouth to wash them away. This means that when you wake up, you have an accumulation of mucus on your tongue. Mystery solved: there’s your furry white layer.
Removing this bacteria with a tongue cleaner combats bad breath and improves general oral hygiene
Studies have shown that most of the bacteria causing bad breath sits on your tongue. Gently removing this build-up of bacteria with a tongue cleaner first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything, will remove the stinky stuff, resulting in fresher breath.
An overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth can also attack tooth enamel, so it’s a great practice if you want to achieve stellar oral hygiene. 
A tongue cleaner promotes a healthy oral microbiome which is great news for your immune system
As the proverb goes: “if the eyes are a window to the soul, then the mouth is the doorway to the body.” While many factors influence the balance of the oral microbiome - smoking, and diets that are high in sugar and alcohol, for example, create an attractive breeding ground for bad bacteria.
 Making sure your oral microbiome is not compromised by an overgrowth of bad bacteria,  is a great way to support your immune system. The mouth is one of the first lines of defense for your immune system - this is where many viruses sneak in!
Using a toothbrush is not as effective as a tongue cleaner
Thinking you might be able to get away with a toothbrush? The truth is it’s going to something, but not a whole lot. Research has shown that scraping is much more effective than a toothbrush at removing tongue bacteria. A toothbrush mostly just moves bacteria around on your tongue, instead of actually eliminating it.
Tongue cleaners have been used for thousands of years
The use of tongue cleaners dates back thousands of years, prescribed as part of the daily detox regime of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian wellness philosophy. Evidence of their use in Chinese medicine and ancient Rome has also been found. Even Napoleon is said to have had a tongue scraper!
Traditionally, copper has been used as the preferred material because it’s antimicrobial: meaning the copper itself actually kills bacteria and microbes. More and more, copper is being used in hospitals and public transport systems around the world for this very reason. Neat right? Copper also lasts forever, unlike the plastic variety.
A Tongue Cleaner might just change your life
It’s more often than not the tiny changes we make in life, that end up leading to big shifts. Starting with something small that yields concrete and visible results, like tongue scraping, and seeing the impact that can have on your health, may just be that first win you need, and the catalyst to inspire bigger changes in your life.
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