A Chat with Elina Dietrich, Berlin-based Blogger & Digital Brand Consultant

Elina Dietrich is a Digital Brand Consultant and the Berlin-based beauty blogger behind Bare Minds. Here is an exclusive look inside her world.

Hello Elina, it’s such a pleasure to have you on LIVE LIKE A HEROINE. As a beauty blogger, you receive tons of new products to try. But how many are actually making it into your daily rotation? And how do you choose the lucky ones that end up being on your bathroom shelf?

In fact, I'm very picky about my beauty routine. Through my job, I am lucky to test many different brands, new concepts, and products. A curse and a blessing, as you might imagine. But I am also enthusiastic about brands that bring a lot of passion in addition to a rousing philosophy. Of course, my skin doesn't always find all this so good. I know which ingredients my skin can tolerate, which textures I love, and which ones I don't like at all and which product really gets into my bathroom. That actually has a lot to do with a good body feeling. That's why I often know exactly when I open a package whether the product will make it into my bathroom or not. Besides the ingredients, the look and the concept are very important to me, so I try to give everyone a chance, even if not every product makes it into my bathroom.

Right, we want to know your beauty secrets. What is your daily beauty regimen, and what do you do to pamper yourself?

My beauty secret is indeed no longer a secret, but it is one of the most important ingredients in my daily beauty program: At least 8 hours of sleep is needed to recover from the stressful day. It sounds so simple and so unfancy, but besides a good sunscreen and healthy food and lots of water, sleep is very important to me. It is not called beauty sleep for no reason. And indeed, a careful treatment of myself is almost more important to me than any product. Of course, they do their job, but if the body doesn't get a rest, if it isn't supplied with healthy fuel, the beauty product can be so expensive and exciting, it won't work. This is one of the beauty secrets of a modern multitasker. Many external factors that we are confronted with every day, such as UV radiation and pollution, wrong nutrition, but also bad sleep and negative thoughts all have an effect on the aging process and that is why I take great care to recharge my batteries properly. Of course, this doesn't always work so well, especially as a freelancer, but in the last few months, I have realized more and more that it is the most important thing and brings an extreme benefit for the skin quality. Hard to believe.


What skincare products are you loving at the moment?

Right now, I'm off to super-eco. I love natural cosmetics and I love the fact that there are so many great and modern brands on the market that are also chic and beautiful.

Your bathroom: more is more or Marie Kondo?

 To be honest, I'm looking for Marie Kondo, but unfortunately, my job doesn't allow me to do that. It just doesn't work out. I've tried so many times.

Has your beauty regimen changed much over time?

Absolutely. Especially through my job I have the fortunate opportunity to discover so many great brands and products. And with every new concept, you always learn more.

How about exercise and wellness?

I take a very holistic view of beauty. My readers and my community know that. Nutrition, mindfulness, and exercise are simply part of it. I love yoga and try to do yoga three to four times a week - currently at home - for one hour. This calms me down completely, I am much more focused again and exercise is incredibly important for regulating my hormone balance. So if you suffer from PMS and hormonal impure skin, you should definitely start with some asanas.

 What does your nighttime routine look like?

Cleansing is one of the most important steps of my night routine. I never, never go to bed with make-up on. I clean my face with a mild and nourishing cleanser. This is always followed by a toner and a serum, a thick night cream, and oil to lock in the moisture. With reniton, BHA and beauty plasters, micro needling, and other fancy beauty stuff I always alternate, so that my skin always gets new impulses.

Do you have any sleep tips?

I always try to store my iPhone as far away from the bed as possible and 2h before going to bed I don't have a screen in front of my nose. This helps me a lot.

Your go-to breakfast.

Warm vegan Porridge topped with fresh berries, cinnamon, and almond cream.

What are the three beauty products you always have in your handbag?

Lipgloss, red Lipstick, and a bronzer.

Talk us through your typical, everyday makeup look.

Who knows me knows that I am a fan of natural glowy make-up looks with a twist. A colored wing or bright lips belong for me to healthy glow skin. Basically, I like to emphasize my eyebrows and make sure that my complexion is even and well-nourished.

 It’s a sunny summer day: what fragrance do you wear?

I'm crazy about the Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar!

The place you go to find inspiration?

I think nature offers a lot of sources of inspiration. The colors of blossoms, butterflies, sunsets are already pretty great.

And last but not least, any advice for someone who`s looking to build a life that they love?
Honestly, I'm still trying to live my life the way I want to live it. Every day is a new chance to develop further, to learn, and to do it the way you would like to. That's a long way off. But if you want advice, I would say: Never give up, never look left and right and compare yourself and always surround yourself with the people who push you and provide you with positive energy.
Find Elina on Instagram @bare_minds.
All Credits Ph: Elina Dietrich.