Interview with Erika Boldrin: Fashion Icon, Influencer and Beauty Brand Founder.

With her minimal aesthetic and her exquisite taste in fashion, Erika Boldrin has become one of the coolest Italian influencers. Here she talks all things Clean Beauty.

What was your career journey before you became a fashion influencer?
I worked in a private bank for 6 years while I was blogging and working on social
What is your most worn piece of clothing?
Black leggings - more elegant ones, not to use only for sports but also to go out in the evening with a nice jacket.
What makes you feel the best?
Taking care of myself.  
What do you do to stay healthy while traveling around the world?
I always try to eat healthy which helps me to be energetic. And during fashion week, I wake up early and go for a walk or do some sports in the hotel gym.
How do you cope with jetlag?
Melatonin is the only thing that helps me. I've tried everything but Melatonin is the one and only.  It helps me sleep after a long flight on the plane even if I arrive at the destination in the evening.  The next morning I feel relaxed and ready for a new day.
With this ritual, I never suffer from Jetlag anymore.
What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?
I love to go to the Spa. I love to take care of my body and mind.
What is your daily beauty regimen? What is your weekly beauty regimen?
For me, the skincare routine is fundamental. Even when I`m tired in the evening,  I have to do it, no excuse.
These are my steps:
- I always wash my face even if I don’t wear makeup
- face mask (twice a week)
- facial cleansing with the skin scrubber that I love at least once a week.
- serum and moisturizer.
For the body, I often apply moisturizers and I also scrub two to three times a week.
 What do you use for your body?
Only natural products: for my skin, I use Honieh and sometimes I mix it with some
natural oils for a face massage, and for my body, it`s the same. right now I’m trying Necessary.
Your bathroom: more is more or Marie Kondo?
I’m not like Marie Kondo but I have my essential things. Sometimes I try new brands and if they don’t work on my body/skin, I gift them. 
What does self-love mean to you?
Self-love means to love every part of yourself. LOVE it all.
It may include focusing on your passion or pampering yourself. However, it's more about loving and accepting your flaws. 
Tell us one of your personal best kept beauty secrets?
I don’t have a specific beauty secret..but for me it's important that all the things that I put on my skin are natural and safe. I also take some vitamins that are helping with my skin like Maca, Lemon juice …
What is the best piece of advice you`ve ever received?
Always wash your face .. even if you are not wearing makeup. Always do this: morning and evening.
Favorite App on your phone?
Instagram :D
Favorite health spot in Milan?
Centro Botanico in Brera.
What restaurants do you like to visit around the world?
I’m vegan so all-vegan places :D
Last thing before bed?
Any bedside beauty essentials?
Lavender essential oil to relax.
Please share with us your most healing self-love rituals?
I use essential oils for relaxation or meditation, I use tools to massage my skin or my body, I do yoga and pilates.
Find Erika on Instagram @erika_boldrin.