All about Esker: The New Exquisite Self-Love Skincare Range

After a decade of working in New York City as a trend forecaster, Shannon Deavenport decided to launch Esker as a way to act on her own ideas and build the brand she wanted to see in the world.

Esker was launched in 2018. Shannon wanted to create a brand with integrity and honesty as its cornerstones, and to make clean, safe products that nourish the body and elevate the way we care for it.
Esker was born right around the same time as Shannon’s little one (that’s why it’s amazing during or post pregnancy!): she introduced the line with a custom-crafted body oil using a versatile range of botanicals to create a restorative, clarifying, and firming oil. By leveraging high quality, natural formulations that are beneficial to the skin, Esker aims to transform simple body care routines into meditative rituals that heal, restore, and hydrate the skin.

Shannon Believes (and we do too!) that that the best things to put in and on your body are derived from the natural world around us. That's why she creates products using clean essential oils that are powerful and effective, and most importantly, are safe and nourishing for the skin. 

Maintaining healthy skin goes far beyond the face alone:  the other 90% of us - the skin on our bodies-  deserves to indulge in products that are clean and effective. While durable, the skin on our bodies is still complex and vulnerable to outside stressors, and requires unique care that’s at once functional and multi-faceted. Here is why Esker is so special.

The Body Plane 
The famous and groundbreaking Body Plane tool is inspired by the rituals of ancient Greek and Roman bathhouses. Strigils were metal scraping tools used for oil cleansing from head to toe. Our modern take on the strigil is the Body Plane, crafted from premium teak wood. The stainless steel blunt edge is plated with colloidal sterling silver which is naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, leaving the skin soothed and smoothed.
The Allover Roller

This tool extends beyond the beloved ritual of jade rolling and is designed specifically for use all over the body. The extra large roller is crafted from sturdy, polished Xiuyan jade and stainless steel and measures 7” x 3.25”. The roller itself is textured to increase stimulation, breaks up fascia which causes tension and puffiness throughout the body, and helps to absorb and boosts the effects of any treatment oil or product applied to the body. This simple yet enjoyable ritual instantly soothes and over time reveals skin that is toned, firm, and glowing.
The Soothing Belly Oil

This Belly Oil is a clean, nontoxic blend of carefully formulated organic botanical oils created specifically for pre and postpartum skin. Created by a pregnant woman for pregnant women, this gently scented, non-greasy oil helps moisturize and fade stretchmarks, as well as prevent new ones from forming. This clean calming oil is a natural, nontoxic blend of carefully formulated organic botanicals. Vitamin E and A-rich sea buckthorn and grapeseed oils promote elasticity and skin cell regeneration supported by calming, smoothing lavender. This subtly scented, quick absorbing oil helps moisturize and fade stretchmarks, as well as prevent new ones from forming. While all of Esker's body oils are safe for use during pregnancy, this targeted certified-organic formula is optimized for mamas-to-be-with low-scent and rich moisture.

The Hand Cleanser

This cleanser is a hand wash that raises the bar with a clean formulation and a luxurious, weighty glass bottle. Unlike most other premium hand cleansers which are still being created with irritating sulfates and artificial preservatives, this Calendula Hand Cleanser harnesses the power of plant based ingredients that cleanse naturally without irritants or synthetics. At Esker they believe that the skin on our bodies shouldn’t be an afterthought and our hands are no exception. Esker's hands are sensitive to dryness and irritation, often can be the first place to show premature aging and sun damage, and are constantly in contact with the delicate skin on our face. Calendula Hand Cleanser is formulated with clove, palo santo, litsea and helichrysum essential oils, all of which are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. These botanical extracts are permeated by a bath of calendula petals that continuously diffuse the plant’s soothing and healing properties into the formula.

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