Cecilia's Sacred Beauty Diary: Full Moon rituals with Midsummer Night Noir Masque

The moon symbolizes fertility, is linked to the element of water, women, death and rebirth. More than any other, it is the symbol of cyclicity. Look up to the moon. Gaze at her. Speak to her. Let her guide you.

Since August 3rd 2020, the moon has started its waning phase. This is the time to take the burden off.
Do you know why? Because the moon since it is full and starts to wane takes away the negativity giving energy to the Earth. This moment is perfect for letting go of the negativities of your life and for recharging yourself with positive energies by dedicating to yourself.
Make your home your sacred space, a space you love and feel inspired in.
This is your perfect time: soak in all that Moon energy.
The magic of the waning moon is creative, suitable for cleaning and purification. It is both intimate and shiny, it makes room, unties knots, purifies. Now, she takes us by the hand, gently opens the internal doors of us and then suggests that we transform the past into a present full of awareness and knowledge.
One of the full moon rituals is to recharge stones and crystals with the energy of the moon. Their value is special because each mineral contains within itself a spirit, an energy as they derive directly from Mother Earth.
The moon is the magic charger for crystals. They soak up her energy.
On this magical period, our Midsummer Night Noir Masque is perfect for taking care of yourself and recharging your energies.
The Amazonian ancient healing Andiroba, Evening Primrose and Avocado oils are blended with Birch Charcoal and micronized Graphite crystals. This precious black gemstone works as an amulet to skin, stimulating cells renewal by detoxifying and cleansing. Graphite has exfoliating, detoxifying, purifying, healing, brightening and softening properties and is perfect for energy cleansing.
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