Introducing The Muse & Heroine Spread Love Bag

I know what we’re all thinking. What a year. If you ask us what it’s keeping us grounded and mentally sane during these times of uncertainty our answer it’s a simple, yet ever so important word: love.


And it comes in all shapes and sizes: self-love is always our favorite, accompanied by the love for others, for our special someone, our family, our planet. Spreading every type of love is the cure when we’re feeling down. And that’s even more true right in this moment.

This weekend, actually, four special events have decided to align, creating a never seen before love quartet: Janine’s Birthday today, The Chinese New Year tomorrow, National Kiss Day in India on Saturday and last but not least, Valentine’s Day this Sunday.
Today, the 11th, is our Main Muse Janine’s birthday – and to celebrate, she decided to spread love with those who made her last trip around the sun even more special – you, dear Muses & Heroines.
We have been blessed with the best self-love community ever: we`re so grateful for all the love and support we get every day. We believe in shared energy, community, and celebration. That’s why we created something super special for you.
Starting today 11th February, until Tuesday the 16th of February.
Get your Limited Edition, Muse & Heroine Spread Love Canvas Tote: a highly curated and very exclusive selection of the cleanest, most visionary, and inspiring health and beauty brands from all around the globe. A mix of full size and sample sizes with a value of 220,00 €. Free with every order of 220,00€.
What’s inside your Muse & Heroine love-filled shopper?
A taste of the very best clean beauty, health, and wellbeing brands available. This Valentine’s Day, get ready to take your self-love rituals to the next level. Here’s the brands you’ll find inside this lovely bag.
Cosmetics 27
27 is the biological age: the time to start preventing the ageing process. All clean beauty products created by pharmacist Michèle Evrard are powered by Centella Asiatica, an ayurvedic medicinal plant renowned for its skin healing properties. Genuine alchemies that naturally help the skin recover and maintain its balance, health and beauty.
1 Plasma Mask (full size)
Discover this luxurious, certified organic, Australian skincare range inspired by native plant oils. Minimal packaging and excellent results, for products that created a real buzz in the green beauty community.
Best Skin Enriching Face Oil (full size)
Marine + Vine
Marine + Vine blends the Southern California beach lifestyle with the beauty, tradition and romance of the South of France to create body care products using fine ingredients with a sensorial experience, inspiring a deeper feeling of wellness and self-care in daily body care routines.
Tahitian Body Oil
Nomad Rose Hand Cream
Susanne Kaufmann
This skincare range does not need any introduction. Susanne Kaufmann is the founder of one of the clean beauty industry's pioneering brands, and her holistic approach and wellness expertise have changed the beauty world forever.
Cleaning Milk 30 ML
Face Fluid 15 ML
Moisturising Mask 15 ML
Max & Me
Max & Me was born a Love Child. Hand-crafted in fresh micro batches in Vienna with utmost care, this ceremonial Collection of purely organic, high-vibe treats is the fusion of skincare and energy work for founders, Tanja & Max. Each brings a unique set of skills to their multi-awarded Garden Studio in Vienna, allowing this line to blossom from a desire to also touch the soul and the spirit behind the skin – letting you shine in all your beauty.
The Intuitive (2 ML)
The Enchanted (2 ML)
Do you sometimes find that supplements can be least favourite part of your self-care daily routine? Well, think again. Depuravita creates amazing-looking and stunningly formulated supplements that will help you clear the mind and body.
Feed and Fit Plus (4 days cure)
Probiotic chocolate (2 days cure)
Heal (4 days cure)
Collagen Chocolate (2 days cure)
Ancient + Brave 
Created by naturopath Annelie Whitfield and media lawyer turned entrepreneur Kate Prince, Ancient & Brave specializes in collagen-packed products, designed to boost metabolism, cognition, and performance, while focusing on protecting the planet and the environment. Their range of delicious, nutritionally rich and high-performance products allows enhancing wellbeing, through a change in lifestyle and fasting strategies inspired the Brave Method.
1 True Collagen Sachet (10 ML)
1 True MCT Oil Sachet (10 ML)
Pauline Rochas
Pauline Rochas was born into the world of scent. Her grandfather, Marcel Rochas, created the iconic perfume Femme for his wife and muse – the legendary Hélène Rochas. This left an indelible impression on the young Pauline, and would intertwine with fragrance and memory to become part of her heritage. With everyone of Pauline’s creations, a sense of wellbeing is bought into the realm of luxury allowing our authentic selves to emerge.
1 Mini Chakra Perfume from The 7 Collection
Cecilia Holistic Beauty
Prepare to be obsessed with this skincare gem: this range of luxury holistic clean beauty with ancient roots is handmade in Italy by Dr. Cecilia Perotti with the finest organic, wild-harvested botanicals.
Golden Glow Baume Yeux (1 ML)
Ageless Creme Riche (1 ML)
Eternal Youth (1 ML)
Miracle Baume (1 ML)
Muse & Heroine Canvas Tote
Sustainable and completely handmade, this Canvas Tote bag is the perfect simple, yet chic accessory to help you go through your daily errands – in style. In the signature Muse & Heroine logo, plus a giant red heart to remind you to love yourself, at all times.
Total Value: 220 €
How can you get your goodie bag? Insert CODE: LOVE at checkout with every purchase of 220,00€!
Dear Muses & Heroines – remember that this is a limited-edition goodie bag, and that we only have a limited number of gifts per purchase. As soon as a specific product finishes, we will automatically include other samples with the same value, until supplies last. So, first come, best served!
Janine & the Self-Love Team.