The Ultimate Luxury Botanics: In Fiore Essential Kit

There is something very special about In Fiore: a mix of textures, colours, scents and properties that's impossible to replicate.

In Fiore blends are informed by centuries-old modalities, tradition, homeopathy, and regimens proven to boost your complexion and stimulate healing.
Inspired by old-world apothecaries and history’s alchemists, Julie Elliott honed her aesthetic by liberating antiquated 18th-century formulas. She is guided by intuition for scent and blending, a passion that emerged in childhood while combing through her mother’s French cosmetics, and remains the formulator behind every handcrafted elixir.
Ancient Remedies Mixed with Modern Science  
For centuries, humans have anointed their bodies with floral oils as a way to seduce, protect, transform, transcend, and heal. Healing begins with scent and In Fiore believes in perfumery as medicine. The skin is a sense organ and the olfactory receptors that exist in our nose also thrive in our skin. In Fiore’s signature blends lie in a heart of jasmine— a fragrance so pure and clean, almost primordial in its unadulterated form. Jasmine restores mental creativity, enables affection and sexual pleasure, and enhances intuition.
Julie Elliott, is not your average brand founder. She is the brains, nose and aesthetic behind the brand. Think of her as an esoteric chef. She can take a single ingredient and turn it into something unfathomable, delivering healing benefits, sensorial gain, and a glowing complexion. Julie looks at ingredients as characters, each with a role to play, working to bring them together with a harmonizing agent.
Beauty Pioneer Julie Elliott, believes in Perfumery as Medicine. Each and every blended essential has the power to Seduce, Protect, and Transform. Discover these amazing out-of-the ordinary, aromatic beauty rituals here.
Fleur Vibrante Serum Cerate – A Skin Supplement to Live With
High-tech, super potent, and antioxidant-rich, Fleur Vibrante Serum Cerate is designed to help skin withstand the stressful conditions and aggressions of everyday life such as UV rays, extreme temps, dry or polluted environments, chemical, and mechanical irritations, sleep deprivation, and jet lag. Its high concentration of beta-carotene combats the effects of premature aging and helps restore elasticity and improve overall skin tone.
In Fiore labs invented a patented technology that extracts the entire plant potential—colour, constituents, and aroma—without the use of heat or harsh chemicals. That is why the yellow serum smells exactly like fresh Calendula blossoms in a field. “Due to this unique technology, we’re able to get into a process called titration, which allows us to determine the exact concentration of an active and deliver consistent strength in every batch. Because of this, we can precisely measure and quantify the level of carotenoids in Fleur Vibrante Serum Cerate—and, as a pharmaceutical, offer a consistent, precise dose in every application.” Skincare reinvented: this sleek black tube contains a completely new experience, combining the texture and feel of a balm, saturated with powerful actives and extremely high levels of carotenes.
Over time, skin becomes stronger, firmer, and more resilient. Apply any time, every day, to the face, neck, décolletage, and any other area that needs a bit of resilience. It can also be applied throughout the day for a boost of nutrients. Fleur Vibrante, the flower of knowledge, has a permeating warmth and purity. This great harmonizer encourages nutrients into full incarnation, guiding them into tissues where they can exert their formative influence.
Vis Clair Suprême – Firming Eye Complex
“Les Yeux sont le miroir de l’ Âme”. This advanced eye treatment is formulated with photo-protective marine-derived carotenes, highly effective anti-wrinkle plant-based actives, and the exclusive PHYTAU™ Complex remedies enriched with potent anti-aging and protective properties. Powered by photo-protective microalgae - an anti-aging active that leverages carotenoids and fatty acids to actively stimulate collagen and soften wrinkles—Vis Clair Suprême protects the vulnerable eye area from environmental stressors while stimulating the production of structural skin proteins.
  • PHYTAU™, our proprietary complex of gold remedies like calendula, goldenrod, carrot, and Roman chamomile are called “the architects” for its unique ability to promote clean granulation and assist all the other components in achieving a dynamic balance.
  • Microalgae is a technologically-advanced ingredient from France that is rich in carotenoids and essential fatty acids. It protects itself from environmental stresses to stimulate collagen synthesis in skin fibroblasts and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • With its high apigenin content, which helps prevent UVA/UVB-induced inflammation, soothing eyebright has been used throughout history to address redness and swelling.
With a light, cushiony texture, Vis Clair Suprême acts as an effective serum and cream in one—targeting fine lines, puffiness, lax skin, and dark circles—best for tired, puffy, and dehydrated eyes.
Fleur Vibrante Balm – Healing Floral Essence
A luxurious treatment balm that promotes intense hydration with broad-range healing effects. An In Fiore classic and favorite amongst estheticians and makeup artists, Fleur Vibrante Face Balm Concentrate is a dense, luxurious, healing balm that provides intense hydration, helps replenish the lipid barrier, and forms an occlusive, protective layer on the skin.
  • Beta-carotene derived from calendula promotes healthy skin and reduces oxidative damage caused by UV light and pollution.
  • High-performance antioxidant lipids protect and replenish skin lipid barrier.
  • Lycopene helps protect against UV rays and radiation and addresses pigmentation.
  • Antioxidant OPC preserves collagen and elasticity and helps reduce the damage that leads to fine lines and wrinkles.
Perfect for facial massage and Gua Sha, it's a remedy for skin conditions like dryness, irritation, scarring, and blemishes. Use it as a protective final layer before facing harsh winter conditions or apply before bed to wake up radiant.
Complexe De Fleur – Cellular Renewal Complex
A perfect balance of microalgae and plant extracts to restore firmness, elasticity, and radiance. This multipurpose serum, infused with highly effective phytochemicals and essential nutrition, encourages healing and renewal to counteract signs of aging. A blend of plant extracts, aloe vera, and microalgae helps dramatically hydrate and preserve elasticity and radiance.
  • Comfrey and Horsetail help repair connective tissue and promote collagen and elasticity. 
  • Aloe vera stimulates fibroblast and tissue formation and helps to penetrate all ingredients into the skin more deeply.
  • High-antioxidant and oxygenating, Frankincense helps protect and repair skin cells to prevent fine lines and slow signs of aging. 
  • Microalgae detoxify, soothe, and restore elasticity and moisture for a plumper, firmer appearance.
Complexe de Fleur supports growth in all areas of life. It strengthens the imagination, yields adaptability, and increases spiritual and empathetic sensitivity.
Crème de Fleur – Age Defying Moisture Complex
Binds and retains moisture while strengthening the skin barrier. Nutrient-rich and lightweight, this intensive cream plumps and awakens fatigued skin that shows early signs of fatigue. With over 30 ingredients and proteins working together to optimize the skin’s ability to bind and retain moisture, Crème de Fleur provides long-lasting hydration. Consistent application will help refine texture and strengthen skin elasticity. 
  • Olive squalene and rice bran oils are anti-aging, restructuring, moisturizing, and softening, and help protect skin from oxidative damage.
  • Chickweed and Comfrey, known as nature's antihistamines, provide protection for irritated and inflamed skins.
  • Polyphenol EGCG derived from Green Tea directly scavenge free radical oxygen and block oxidation to protect skin from stressors. 
  • Oat Straw and Marshmallow Root are emollient skin-soothing agents that help improve redness and signs of skin sensitivity.
  • Elderflower stimulates collagen and strengthens the cell walls so the skin becomes more resilient.
Crème de Fleur aids in the development of higher intuition and enables greater clarity. It helps the ego move away from narcissistic tendencies and focus on collective consciousness.
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