In Fiore Tinctures - Next level Plant Power is Here!

Today, we get to experience the latest category in our ever-evolving exploration of plant potential: ingestible tinctures. Yes, you’ve got it right – the über famous, powerful and magical new tinctures from In Fiore are finally available on our website

...and we couldn’t be more excited for you to try them.
Expertly formulated, ultra-concentrated and infused with flower essences, these health-boosting blends, a collaboration between Julie Elliott and Dr. Kevin Spelman, are designed to support optimal health and promote body, mind and spirit integration.
Meet Dr. Kevin Spelman, PhD, RH (AHG), MCPP, CNS
In order to approach this new category with full integrity, In Fiore founder Julie Elliot tapped Dr. Kevin Spelman to formulate. Molecular biologist, phytochemist and master formulator he is an expert in all things plant potential.
Trained in the world’s great traditional medicine systems, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, Kevin’s formulation method harnesses the power of botanical synergy, and utilizes well-studied ingredients for powerful—yet safe—results.
“I like the modern term that's being used for optimal wellness: resilience. Being able to increase resilience whether it's to poor quality food, chemical exposure or a toxic work environment”. – Dr. Spelman

When Vitality met vibe, these three essential Tinctures were born.

These tinctures are actually called “concentrated fluid extract blends.”
A fluid extract is by definition a 1:1 ratio of herb to liquid. Fresh tinctures are usually 1:2 but if you look at how much existing water is in the plant, they end up being around 1:9, 1:11. When they take dry plants and tincture them, 1:5 is traditional.
The concentration of these fluid extracts is a big differentiator between them and other tinctures on the market. Our herb to solution ratios?
2-3X stronger than the average dry plant tincture
4-5X stronger than the average fresh plant tincture
2-3X stronger than the average dry plant tincture
4-5X stronger than the average fresh plant tincture
3-4X stronger than average dry plant tincture
6-7X stronger than the average fresh plant tincture

Don’t believe us? Then hear what beauty experts have to say!

“IN FIORE founder Julie Elliott is an insanely talented natural product developer (she also helped create Vintner`s Daughter cult-favorite oil), so when she teamed up on a new line of three herbal tinctures with Kevin Spelman, Ph.D. who specializes in medicinal plants, I was intrigued. Designed to enhance blood flow to help move stagnant lymph and boost skin clarity, this formula claims to also have psycho-spiritual benefits, including protection from negative influences and thought-forms. Who doesn`t need that right now?” – VOGUE US
 “The best new supplement for better skin and hair This tincture is a quick way to stimulate lymphatic clearing with natural ingredients like calendula, Butcher`s Broom, Echinacea, Tangerine Essential Oil.”- NEW BEAUTY US
 “The trio of herbal supplements is bringing the brand to new heights.”- SAN FRANCISCO 

Think of these tinctures as the foundation of your wellness routine. They fit seamlessly into any supplement regimen and combat the effects of physical, mental and emotional stress (thanks, Modern World). What sets them apart? The addition of essential oils and flower essences, which add the energetic, esoteric element for which In Fiore is known.
Each blend is built around a central ingredient, aptly named the monarch, supported by ministries, which are ingredients chosen for their ability to increase the monarch’s bioavailability. Let’s see them all in full detail.
This formula consists of depurative and circulatory enhancing herbs traditionally used for stimulating drainage and clearing the lymphatic system, and protective effects on skin and connective tissues.
  • Calendula is a lymphatic stimulant with specificity for the skin, breast, and pelvic tissue. It stimulates drainage of enlarged and inflamed lymph nodes.
  • Butcher's Broom supports the lymphatic action of Calendula pertinent in cases of lymphedema for lower leg edema and chronic venous insufficiency. 
  • Echinacea is indicated for clearing the lymphatic system and has been found to have protective effects on skin and connective tissue, and specifically on the body's collagen.
  • Cleavers is depurative and brings circulatory enhancement, lymphatic activity, and detoxification, supporting the principal activities of Calendula. 
  • Tangerine essential oil contains d-limonene—a penetration enhancer rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and added with other nutraceutical compounds to enhance their absorption. 
Lâche-Lymphe offers protection from negative influences and thought forms by enhancing the aura and balancing the upper and lower poles of the body. Develops inner sight and helps one analyze from a higher point of consciousness. The spiritual body is cleansed and brought closer to the physical body, where decisions are made from a more spiritual perspective.
This formula consists of adaptogen herbs traditionally used to increase resilience, as a mind-body rejuvenate that improves vitality, induces restful sleep, improves mood, and invigorates the life force. Especially indicated for fatigued conditions.
  • Ashwagandha is one of the most revered Ayurvedic tonics known for its nourishing effect on all the bodily tissues and rejuvenative tonic to build physical and mental resilience.
  • Reishi, "herb of spiritual potency," supports Ashwangandha due to its extraordinary properties on the central nervous system and nourish the spirit. The Reishi extract used in this formula is a special technology that gets both the water-soluble B-glucans and the non-water-soluble triterpenes in one extraction. 
  • Jujube, or red date, has been described as one of the superior medicines that prolonged life-span by nourishing blood, improving sleep quality, and regulating the digestive system. In reviewing the 50 most known material medica's in TCM, Jujube was shown to enhance sleep patterns and invigorating life force in fatigue cases. 
  • Bergamot is frequently used in aromatherapy to minimize symptoms of stress-induced anxiety and mild mood disorders. Its high level of d-limonene is a well-known penetration enhancer and is rapidly distributed to different tissues, and is readily metabolized.                                   
PSYCHOSPIRITUAL: THE MIND & SPIRIT INTEGRATION                                                                                                         Adapt'Âscend brings forth balance and protects against negative emotions from psychic attack or extreme emotionalism and the ability of personal survival in harsh climates. Strengthens and protects higher chakras and subtle bodies to restore depletion of energy. Promotes the willingness to surrender to restorative rest and nurturing.
This formula is composed of herbs of high nutritional content traditionally known for their tonifying capacities to replenish vital life force, fortify qi, reduce fatigue, and vitalize immune function.
  • With over 50 clinical trials, Astragalus root has been used as a major tonic remedy in TCM and has been shown to increase immune response and normalize immune function.
  • Shitake’s highly nutritious fruiting body, "the elixir of life," magnifies the immunological activity of Astragalus, improves vitality, and helps replenish vital life force (qi).
  • Ligustrum is a shrub native to China and Eastern Asia, known as a "yin tonic" in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It combines with Astragalus for support in cases of depressed immunity.
  • Yuzu essential oil calms anxiety and acts as a penetration enhancer of other nutraceutical compounds. 
Immun'Attune influences stress-related, psychological imbalances by integrating the chakras, nadis, meridians, and regulates flow to balance the emotional body. 
"I always intended to get into supplements as a bridge between our skin and body care, and this past year was the perfect time to make that move. I believe it's essential to address beauty at its core, where it matters most, and shift our focus to health from the inside and supporting our body's physiology. These tinctures represent the essentials I integrate into my wellness regimen and the products I want to live with," says Julie Elliott, In Fiore Founder, CEO & Chief Formulation Officer.