An intimate Interview with Alexis Rose, founder of LILFOX

Alexis Rose is a perfumer, aromatherapist and aromatherapy educator trained in organic cosmetic formulation. A Miami-living devotee of all things beautiful.

Erstwhile wine professional with expertise in fine, sensory indulgences.

She's formulated her line for bonvivants with an appreciation for detail. A range full of out of the ordinary, aromatic experiences. A personal, artistic touch for your daily beauty rhythms.

Hello Alexis, and welcome to Muse & Heroine! You have a very beautiful and diverse background. What led you to launch your brand, LILFOX? 
I was a wine professional for over a decade and that was all about the nuance of scent, terroir, plant source and quality. It was a natural progression from there to aromatherapy institute to attain my certification and aromatherapy educator credentials. I’d always been fascinated with plant and crystal alchemy. 
I started formulating and the results were amazing, I knew I was onto something special, so I decided to attain a Diploma Organic Cosmetic Formulation and Natural Preservation and put myself out into the market. 
When it comes to your creations, scents play a massive role. Where do you source them from? 
The scents are my own proprietary formulas that I create with oils meticulously sourced from small, biodynamic farms around the globe. Each supplier we work with is unique to their region; soil, climate, terroir once again. 
We source steam-distilled, hydro-distilled, CO2 extracted; whatever the absolute highest quality is out there, that’s what I’ll find. 
What are your favourite ingredients to formulate with? 
I love cold pressed maracuja oil, prickly pear seed oil, and unrefined muru muru butter; those are common threads throughout my formulas. They’re a formulator’s dream.
Some from the desert, some from the rainforest, I love working with that polarity. 
For scent; Juicy sparkling citruses married with light florals is a signature aromatic profile of mine. 
What are some harmful ingredients commonly found in skincare products that we should avoid? 
Any ingredient you can’t pronounce should raise an eyebrow. Also, anything labeled under the mysterious umbrella of ‘parfum or fragrance’ could mean thousands of synthetic chemicals and result in a sensitizing reaction. 
The whole “Perfume gives me headache” line stems from these synthetic cocktails of toxic ingredients. We expertly formulate with the cleanest, greenest ingredients. 
What is the holy grail product of your line? 
Our Couture Collection is a gold standard. For me, Dewy Bean Dream replaced retinol and rid me of clogged comedones in 4 days as opposed to retinol’s 6 weeks. Also, Dewy Bean is pregnancy friendly and instantly makes your skin feel perfectly plump and smooth. The Haute C instantly makes you look like you’ve stepped off the beach; the concentration of vitamin C is collagen plumping and will erases sunspots over a couple of weeks.. 
This potent type of C, Tetra-C has been clinically proven 
*At 0.1% reduces melanin synthesis by 80% *At 10% eliminated age spots in 4 months *At 0.1% increases collagen by 50% 
We formulate with a potent 15%! 
What would be the perfect LILFOX daily beauty routine? 
A ceansing balm massage, a hydrating hydrosol mist, a nectar, and then the coutures. We have a variety of treatments for each step so you can customize and mix it up layering. 
Your range is a blend of Aromatherapy, luxury and mindful rituals. Can you explain this inspiring connection? 
I’m a Taurus! Luxury shouldn’t be at the expense of sensory delight and mystical magic. We can have it all. I want my skincare products to lure me home at night; to be the treat I look forward to all day but NEVER sacrifice on results. 
What is your self-care approach? 
If it feels good do it. For rituals, the longer the better. A light, peppery glass of Blaufränkisch in a hot salty the tub drizzled with oils. 
Name three beauty products that you always have in your handbag. 
I don’t leave home without gelsomino, a hydrosol toning mist, Sandalo Perfume oil and a tube of Bite Lipstick in Scorpio.
WAIT, that’s four! 
What is the last thing you do before going to sleep? 
I do a warmed Chill Wand lymphatic massage with Dewy Bean Dream and Prickly Pear. It’s such a soothing, beautifying way to end the day. 
And the first thing you do in the morning? 
Go outside with two dogs and enjoy some fresh air. Bianca Darling is a micro sheepadoodle and Jimi Hendrix is my papillion rescue. We live on the Biscayne Bay in Miami so its nice to enjoy the water and view with the pups and sip my morning coffee. 
Your favourite holistic destination? 
My Miami Facialist’s Olga’s treatment bed. I try not to go over 3 weeks for a facial. My skin appreciates this and she does the most luxurious facial massage. Lately she been practicing korugi techniques I cant get enough! 
Your favourite healthy meal? 
A big Syrian Salad with lots of mint, parsley, lemon and garlic vinaigrette and imported Greek feta. 
And last but not least, tell us one of your personal best kept pearl of wisdom. 
Don’t leave home without lipstick. There is never a situation that cant be made better without a striking bright lip. 
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