Introducing Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: best-selling author, wellness warrior and brand founder

There is so much about Lauren, that we couldn't wait for you to meet her: NY Times best-selling author, lifestyle blogger, wellness warrior, and founder of the clean sweep. Prepare to be inspired.

What was your career journey before you wrote your first book in 2012?
I was reporting seasonly for NY Fashion Week, and I was in the process of starting my own website called LOLO Mag at the time. This is when the concept of a blog was starting!  
How did you get into wellness, health and beauty?
I grew up in a very health conscious household, which I realize as I get older, how rare that is, and it makes me so grateful! My parents are health goals, but they are so graceful about it and it truly is their lifestyle. I started researching wellness on a deeper level after years of being consistently bloated no matter what I ate. I wanted to know why. I also started an even deeper dive when I was experiencing severe fatigue after my accident, and am even deeper deeper dive when we started creating our dry shampoo formula. 
What inspired you to write this amazing book ‘The Clean Sweep” and what is the book about?
I was getting so many questions from people on Instagram about how to transition to a clean lifestyle, what to eat, and what products to use. I was encouraged by a friend to create a resource because I kept realizing how intimidating, overwhelming, and confusing health has become for people. I wanted to make it simple. So I launched The Clean Sweep last year. It is a three-month organized and thorough guidebook to help lead you on a journey toward clean living by diving deeply into food, products, and healthy practices. My goal is to make it as practical and simple as possible, helping others feel empowered and confident to define health for their own lives.
Where do you find out about new products and treatments?
Recommendations from sources I trust, my personal research, and products carried by clean stores that I trust.


You are receiving tons of beauty products to try. But how many products are actually making it into your bathroom? And what is the criteria that they are the lucky ones being on your bathroom shelf?

Oh man, I really am a stickler on this! I research every ingredient in a product before I will put it on my face or body. I want to know that it is 100% clear of toxins and safe for my skin. 

 What is your daily beauty regimen? What is your weekly beauty regimen?

I try new products a lot but will incorporate it into my general routine. I am all about the order of applying products. I wash my face every morning and use a glycolic wipe I love, then I use a toning mist, apply a vitamin C serum, and end with a mousturizer. At night, I wash my face, apply a vitamin C toner, use clean retinol (they are out there!), apply a heavier moisturizer and then a facial oil! I aim to mask about 4-5 days a week! 

Tell us one of your personal best kept beauty secrets?

My best friend and my husband both give me a hard time for using so much body lotion, but it has made such a difference in the health of my skin. I also love using a gua sha to bring blood flow to my face and to loosen my jaw muscles before I go to sleep. It is a natural botox and anti-aging tactic. Another favorite: brushing your eyebrows with gel adds so much life and shape to your face. A lot of times, it is the only thing I will do for makeup! 

Are there any beauty secrets that your mother or grandmother passed down to you?

To age gracefully, take care of your body, and be fully who you are

What is your favorite workout?

The Class and I love all of the workouts now available on Instagram now! 

Your favorite supplements?

Omegas, a probiotic, and vitamin C for the daily. 

Favorite App on your phone?

Sonos and VSCO.

Favorite blog/influencer where you always get some inspiration?

Ashley Kane 

What is your best hidden talent?

I can draw really great bubble letters lol. 

Last thing before bed?

Cuddle with my husband! 

First thing in the morning?

I go outside with my dog, make the bed, and aim to read before I start emails. 

Your favorite health spot in the world?

How do I pick? The Real Coconut in Tulum, Erewhon grocery store, and Kotuku in Santa Barbara. 

What does self love mean to you?

Knowing that God made you, you are perfect in His eyes, and he created the passions you have, so fully embrace them! Also, make time for yourself - it is not selfish! If you love and care for yourself, it will only make you a better wife, friend, daughter, sister, parent, and colleague. 

Please share with us your most healing self love rituals.

Praying, baths, using clean products in your life, eating whole foods, enjoying quality time with friends and family, being vulnerable, time in the infrared sauna, time in the sunshine and nature.