Interview with Lisa Scharff, Organic Make-up Artist und Mindful Beauty Coach

 Lisa Scharff is a german based Organic Make-Up Artist and the Founder of the Natural Beauty Coaching #beautyinsideout. Here is an exclusive insight into her holistic beauty universe.

Hello, Lisa and thank you for sharing your time with us. We’d like to start by asking you what is your career background, and how did your passion for make-up start.
Hi and thank you so much for inviting me! My professional background lies in the beauty industry as a Make-Up Artist. My passion for Make-Up and all things beauty started at a very early age. I remember standing in the bathroom next to my mum having a very close look at all the brushes and especially the eyelash curler. I think I was just 2 years old at that time. Or else, sitting in front of my grandma at my grandparents house, forcing her to do her Make-Up because it was so fascinating for me as a little girl watching her getting ready for the day! For me, beauty was something so powerful, creative, inspiring- and I knew, even before I was a Teenager, that I will work as a Make-Up Artist. There really was no other option for me. I went to a Makeup school in Berlin for 3 years and since 2010 I am working as a freelancer.  So, I guess that’s where my passion starts and it’s still there everyday - even though my view on beauty and the way I work in the industry has changed dramatically. 
When and why did you decide to switch to a completely organic and clean beauty routine, and what led you to apply this same philosophy when you work?
I think it was more of a process for me which was deeply connected with my personal life. During the years, I additionally started working as a beauty editor for different magazines. Later, in 2013, I began to have a feeling of big unhappiness and frustration in many areas of my life. My job felt kind of superficial, I felt more and more uncomfortable. I had a sense that something has to change- and this was the beginning of my own health journey. I started researching about all things healthy nutrition, healing, personal development - which led me to the point questioning my own Beauty products in my bathroom and therefore, my professional Make-Up kit. I was shocked about the fact, that there where ingredients in these products which I wouldn’t like to get on to my skin. I asked myself, how could it be, that so many women are not aware of this. I think it all started, because I got more mindful and conscious about myself, too. The moment I started using natural products, I think it began at the end of 2014, I really had a feeling of getting more connected to my skin and that I’m doing something good for me. With this feeling, I could not go back to my old Make-up Kit. During my research, I found a MakeUp Artist in Australia, who called herself ‚Green‘. I didn’t even realize it was a thing up to that point. But I looked around in Germany and really didn’t find anyone doing this at this time. So I decided: I will change that. That was the defining moment where I started switching my kit completely. As some time went by, I got a lot of questions from women in my working and private life, also from models, what products I was using and what works really good in natural beauty. Long story short: I created a holistic beauty coaching concept where I connected all of my knowledge of the past years regarding skincare, natural beauty, nutrition, inner beauty, healing. As it helped me so much, it was very clear from the beginning that this beauty coaching would be different. My vision was to bring women closer to their pure, authentic, individual and natural beauty. With Organic products and also, teaching them how to find their personal routine which brings them joy and let’s them celebrate their very own beauty. It all started with Beauty inside out as my claim, which still describes my philosophy in the best way. Connecting inner and outer beauty and helping woman to get aware and conscious about that. So that they can feel comfortable in their own skin, just feeling beautiful the way they are. I started in my living room doing these coachings and now I have my own Organic Beauty Studio in Hamburg, opened in Spring 2018. I am so grateful about everything what happened during the last 3 years. Sometimes it really blows my mind that I can live my passion in beauty, but in a way which feels so much more like myself than 8 years ago. Aside from that, it is just amazing and beautiful to see what a more conscious beauty routine, taking ‚me time‘ and ‚selfcare’ practices can do. It is a decision for yourself and your health and it’s absolutely worth it. 
What are the challenges of being an organic make-up artist? 
At the beginning, people here in the industry didn’t even know what ‚organic makeup Artist‘ meant. So they were kind of skeptical, if the products I brought on set will do the performance. I have to admit, that I in fact sometimes had my difficulties regarding long lasting products or a wider variety in colors and pigments. But: during the last 5 years a lot has happened in the world of ‚Green‘ Beauty. Better textures, more colors, better pigments and shade ranges (even if there is still a big room of improvement regarding more inclusive shade ranges in foundations for example!). Also, the word ‚green‘, clean or organic became really hyped and cool - it is not a niche anymore. People get more and more aware. Such as the ‚clean eating‘ movement some time ago, I think clean beauty is now kind of a Buzzword, when we are talking about a healthy lifestyle. A challenge which happens once in a while is finding good waterproof products - it is not possible yet in green beauty, compared to conventional products and performances. So, when I’m working with a bride or for an event, I still use a mascara or eyeliner the client feels safe with (and me, too. Obviously!). As a Make-Up Artist, the performance, for me, is still a main point next to the ingredients. But I think in the future there will be more new ways of creating products, colors and textures. Plus, I imagine and hope, that ‚clean‘ beauty products will become the new normal. As it already is for so many women I know. 
What is your daily make-up routine? 
I barely leave the house without concealer, so that’s always number one! I love a natural look with beautiful skin and a healthy glow, so my daily make-up is focused on that. From time to time I use a Skin Tint or BB Cream, sometimes only concealer. Then definitely bronzer, a little bit of cream blush, Mascara, brow gel and a lip tint, gloss or sometimes just a lip balm. Also, I love a dewy creamy highlighter with a subtle shimmer on my cheekbones. 
We know the real starting point of good makeup is truly a great skincare routine. What is your daily regime?
That is absolutely true and always my philosophy! Skincare really became another passion of mine. I have to admit that I am testing a lot of different products, so my regime changes from time to time. But I always love a good double cleanse in the evening with an oil first, then I mostly use a hydrating mist or toner, following by a nutritious serum (with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid for example), closing with a facial oil. I just love oils so much that I have a few which I alternate. In the morning, I use a gentle cleanser, mist, serum and a day cream which includes mineral SPF. If my skin feels extra dry, I’m adding a few drops of my oil underneath the cream or a lightweight moisturizer. 
Your bathroom: more is more or Marie Kondo?
Definitely more of the Marie Kondo. I like things clean, pure and minimalistic. Even though my bathroom can be a little chaotic sometimes, for example when I just filmed a new make-up tutorial. But all in all I would always choose: less is more. 
An expensive-but-worth-it beauty treatment or product?
I would say that it’s absolutely worth it to invest in a really high quality Gua Sha facial massage! For products, it depends. I think the term expensive has a different meaning for everybody. 
What do you do to relax, and how do you approach self-care?
I try to incorporate some small self-care rituals and routines everyday. For example doing a yoga/pilates flow in the morning, making myself good and healthy food, walking and of course my holy beauty ritual. It is something I’m looking forward to everyday, because I love the feeling and smell of the products I am using. Especially in the evening, I really take the time to breath, taking the day off my skin, massaging and really tuning into this moment. Even if it’s only 5 minutes, it brings me so much joy and relaxation. 
Name three beauty products that you always have in your handbag.
Lipbalm  or lipstick, face mist (travel size) and concealer.
What is your favorite holiday destination? And while on the subject, favorite hotel?
I made a wonderful Ayurveda Panchakarma cure a few times. The best one I had in India at the Nattika Beach Hotel. ‚Just’ for holiday, South Africa was an amazing experience. I can recommend the Grootbos Nature Reserve. Also, I loved traveling to Los Angeles and New York, because these cities inspired me a lot.
Ultimate brunch: what would you order and where would it be?
I think nowadays it sounds a bit outworn, but I just LOVE a good Avocado toast with lime, pepper and Tomatoes- can’t help it. So I would order that and maybe a hot porridge with berries, nut butter and almond milk. Oh, and of course a latte with oat milk. 
Where… I can imagine different places. Maybe a nice terrace in Austria, surrounded by nature, mountains, sun and a lake. Together with my family and friends.
Most-worn piece of clothing?
If I’m not working with clients, definitely my Everlane Yoga pants. So comfortable! Otherwise it is jeans, white shirt and a Blazer. Most of the time. 
What is your advice for achieving “beauty inside out”?
First step is always connecting to yourself. What brings you joy, what is good for you? I think the most important thing is to start listening to your body. Accepting what is. The inside work is such a huge point - because if you feel comfortable with your own self, you’ll radiate this really special glow that no Make-Up can give you. For me,  this is the most beautiful one . If you combine this inside work with a balanced, nutritious diet (which is the basis) and an individual selfcare and beauty routine with natural products mostyl, for me, this is a good starting point for achieving that beauty from the inside out. It really is the bigger picture, working with elements from these 3 pillars. Because, at the end, everything is connected. 
And last but not least. What is your favorite thing about being a woman?
Maybe this is kind of stereotype, but my favorite things are the compassion, emotions and the connection, bond and energy we as women can create together if we are supporting each other. Well, and to close this interview as it is about beauty: of course I love to dress up from time to time! 
Thank you so much for your beautiful questions!
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All Credits Ph: Elena Zaucke @zaucke