Mix, Layer and Create your perfect skincare potion with Kypris

KYPRIS Treatment Masks catalyze nearly instant results with long term benefits to skin’s appearance. Each formula can be used as-is, but performs at her best when customized for a targeted benefit. Here's how to mix&match. #MaskingMonth

Here are all of Kypris' Face Masks along with the best tips on how to use, layer and combine them.
Cerulean Soothing Hydration Recovery Mask 
 Botanical succor for your senses and skin. Thalassic treasures soothe, soften, and hydrate skin's appearance with a collection of botanicals and functional ingredients evolved from Nature’s intelligent design. 
KYPRIS Pro Tip: This mighty pot of blue can be worn as a sleeping mask when applied with a few drops of your favorite KYPRIS Beauty Elixir layered on top to soothe the appearance of dehydration.
Deep Forest Clay 
Forest, earth, and sea combine to clarify, brighten, soften, smooth, and exfoliate. Deep Forest Clay Clarifying Mask & Exfoliant clarifies skin's appearance with Nature’s renewing treasures: cleansing clay, mineral-rich oceanic salt, soothing algae, botanical exfoliants, and a potpourri of extracts from trees, roots, leaves, fruits, and flowers.
KYPRIS Pro Tip: Combine a pearl of Deep Forest Clay with a pearl of Cleanser Concentrate on fingertips for a gently exfoliating, clarifying cleanse. 
Glow Philtre 
The Glow Philtre treatment mask blends refining pomegranate pith enzymes, softening thalassic extracts of sea fennel stem cells & sea algae, with ultra hydrating silver ear mushroom for soft, brightened, refreshed, glowing skin.
KYPRIS Pro Tip: Combine a dollop of Glow Philtre with Cleanser Concentrate for a gentle, enzymatic cleanse.
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