The most Hyped Face Oil in Clean Beauty is Finally Back in Stock

You won’t believe what is coming back in stock – after three months. Yes, you guessed – we’re talking about the single most coveted Face Oil in clean Beauy history, Le Prunier.

Back in November 2020, this magical Plum Beauty Oil was sold out overnight in less than 12 hours when a certain Chrissy Teigen posted her Nighttime Routine on Instagram…

"A little birdie named Nova gave me this tiny bottle of oil," she said. "She said it was amazing, it had one ingredient… I used it and when I tell you my skin changed — my life changed — it did." – CHRISSY TEIGEN

Today, with the weather changing and spring approaching, we couldn’t possibly leave you without the most powerful, soothing, transforming face oil on the market. If you’re not obsessed with this product yet (which is very unlikely!) get ready to discover all – from organic farming to the awesome skin benefits. Here’s the ultimate Le Prunier Guide.
Le Prunier: Here’s why the press loves it!

How can a single-ingredient face oil change the whole beauty world?
Plums originally come from the Caucasus region of Western Asia, where they been called the "Fruit of Life" for centuries.
A study conducted by researchers from Tufts University in Boston ranked dried plums as containing one of the highest amounts of antioxidants of any fruits or vegetables, even more so than kale, spinach, and blueberries.
Extracted from the seeds of organic plums, Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil helps restore, replenish and balance skin. The proprietary blend of plum varietals is an excellent source of antioxidants, polyphenols, fatty acids and vitamins. It’s highly absorbent, and weightless on the skin. Plum Beauty Oil locks in moisture for a soft, youthful radiance, making it the perfect antioxidant booster for glowing skin, hair and nails.
    Le Prunier – A Family History
    The organic beauty line was founded by the siblings Jacqueline, Allison and Elaine Taylor, who grew up on the world’s largest organic plum farm near Sacramento, California.
    The story of the farm begins in 1916, when their great grandfather, Earl Taylor, began farming the rich soils of Sutter County, 30 miles north of Sacramento. Their grandfather, George Taylor, continued the tradition followed by their father, Richard.
    In 1985, the family made a collective decision to shift to organic farming practices and expand operations to include facilities in Europe and Asia.
    Inspired by the dried plum’s incredible digestive powers, the Taylor’s Sisters partnered with two world-renowned labs in 2014 to explore the plums' benefits, particularly of the overlooked byproducts.
    After two years of clinical testing, Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil was born – and ready to change the beauty scene for ever. By utilizing 100% all-natural, organic plum byproducts from their 4th generation family farm, they aim to offer only the purest, most innovative skincare products.
    Le Prunier’s Plum Beauty Oil is especially unique as it is a patent-pending blend of plum varietal is found only on Taylor’s 100-year-old family farm.
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