This spring, we invite you to welcome the gift of your feminine energy. To listen to your needs, to be in your body in the moment and give the thinking mind a break. To dive into sensation.

“If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.” 

Turning your libido on can help you growing your self-esteem, develop a healthy body image and solve your relationship problems, if you’re in one. Help your inner goddess flourish and turn on your libido with these self-care tools inspired by the power of our sacred mother nature. Embrace your inner fire, shining and spreading high vibrational energies all around you, to reveal the best version of yourself.
Start your sacred inner goddess ritual with some luxurious self-love potions for your body. The aromas and textures will take you immediately into the realm of the senses.
Calm your mind, body & spirit with the new in  Bodha Smokeless Ritual Incense – Calm, with soothing herbal notes of lavender, clary sage & rosewood. Use to create a sense of inner quiet.
Marvel at how Max & Me The Intuitive creates more and more beauty in your life by releasing tension and stress, bringing about a peaceful, tranquil mood, elevating your vibrancy to new heights. This opens the space for your intuition to step forward and allows your inner guiding voice to be heard.
Shiva Rose Celestial Rose Body Butter is a heavenly, luxurious, rose body butter that will sink into your skin as it envelops you in the smell of 1,000 rose petals. Roses revered since before biblical times for their sacred, otherworldly powers. Celestial Rose for opening the heart and crown chakras, while adding anti-aging benefits to the skin. Nourish and drench your skin with omega-rich shea butter, macadamia nut oil, kukui nut oil, and grapeseed oil layered into the high vibration of rose essential oils.
Agent Nateur Holi(skin) Body Oil is enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural organic compounds clinically-proven to firm, brighten, and visibly smooth skin. This luxurious oil quickly absorbs and leaves the skin with a satin, dewy finish.
And now, time to let your inner goddess flourish and turn on your libido with these Muse & Heroine approved self-love tools.


 Cecilia X Serena The Keeper is a delicate bouquet of primrose and rosehip oils enriched with the unique rose absolute essence. This rejuvenating omega rich oil illuminates, regenerates skin and reduces appearances of red spots and lines. The synergy of three roses to nourish and preserve our intimate sacred beauty. An eternal gift to skin from mother nature.
Pauline Rochas Le Deuxieme Parfum is made to elicit desire in the wearer and in those they encounter. An aphrodisiac. Breaking with convention, this elixir was deliberately created without top, mid or base notes. Instead, it features seven luxurious raw materials associated with the sacral chakra. Heady notes of ylang-ylang combined with precious sandalwood and resinous labdanum embody sensuality, eros and creativity.
Revere your most intimate areas with Agent Nateur Holi(sex) Intimate Oil, formulated to hydrate, warm, and lift libido. Ambrosial fruit and floral oils support sensuality by elevating blood-oxygen saturation and radiating an aphrodisiacal aroma. Use on one’s own, with a partner, or after bathing to treat dryness anywhere on the body.
Use Shiva Rose Love Oil, this ambrosia, to play with your beloved or to bestow love to yourself. Rub along your limbs, and between your most intimate, delicate areas. Kava Kava and Tulsi bring on a euphoric sense and relax the being, while Maca, schisandra, and damiana are known to enhance a woman’ hormones naturally and therefore the libido and inner fire. Damiana has been used before love making for centuries in parts of the Americas, while Red clover has been used to enhance fertility.
Pauline Rochas Midnight Breaths with its strong woody undertones evokes a warm earthy and smoky scent with grounding properties allowing one to surrender to the earth. Body and mind. Vetiver is known for alleviating emotional trauma while Cedarwood’s aromatic, yet sedative touch brings sleep and comfort.
If you need some extra help to tap into your femininity, start from the inside. Discover our selection of Apothecary remedies to support your journey through self-rediscovery, achieving the best version of yourselves.
Sentara Holistic Palo Santo sticks purify your environment and your mind. This natural incense originating in south america inspires peace and harmony thanks to its woody scent. This sacred wood promotes relaxation and meditation.
Pauline Rochas Burning for You is lovemaking in a candle. The top notes add an edgy hint of spice to the seductive ambiance. Cardamon leads you into deep woody forests with its aromatic resinous tones. At the heart of this flame, the woodiness of Birch, Patchouli and Sandalwood permeate the air. The hypnotic nuance of saffron is reminiscent of a bitter sweet attraction. Grounded in a provocative leather accord with precious Oud and Amber, Vanilla brings that final touch of sweetness.
One of Anima Mundi Schisandra Rose Elixir key elements is its adaptogen nature. It’s a masterful herb that protects and helps cope against many types of stress and the oxidative damage on a biological, mental and emotional level. Adaptogens also target our hormonal and limbic system, which directly influences our mood, emotional body, perception and more.
Anima Mundi Rose Open Heart uses Rose petals and their medicine help to move and open a heart which has tightened emotionally and spiritually. A wonderful nervine, great for uplifting the mood and alleviating depression, rose also has antispasmodic, aphrodisiac and sedative qualities, as well as being anti-inflammatory.
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