A Beauty Chat with Licia Florio, Brand Founder and Wellness Extraordinaire

Licia Florio's goal is to create mindful objects, to push people to be the best version of themselves and to find meaning within the ordinary. Here's her exclusive Muse & Heroine Interview.

You`re such an inspiring person and you also started very early being an advocate for sustainable living. When you to realized that this could be your profession and career?
Don't make me blush! I always wanted to enjoy my time in a more friendly and healthy way. I have never imagined myself in a company on a desk. I love to have skin in the game: being and doing what my brand is trying to communicate.
Products, for me, are just a tool to help people achieve their higher motivation.
Tell us a little bit about you and your background.
I studied fashion design at Marangoni and work, for a really small time, in a famous fashion house as the head designer assistant.
When I meet Francio, my partner, we decided that stress has to be out of our life equation and so my carrier in fashion.
Since then we have worked and lived together on our Brand.
What led you to launch a wellness brand that includes nail polishes?
Licia Florio, as a brand, totally followed my evolution and my maturity.
We started 10years ago with apparel and then shoes to be now a brand focus on wellbeing in your daily routine.
Sports apparel are products that I use and enjoy a lot. Nailpolish, as well, is the only make-up I enjoy using: it is connected to my childhood.
In your research for Licia Florio nail polishes, have you come across anything that surprised you?
I realize how much I love to work on colors: every little nuance can change the effect of the final result.
Which one is your favorite summer and which one your favorite winter color?
I always mix all the colors: Anacardo and Mandorla are evergreens! It also depends on the mood!
What are your secrets for staying healthy?
Good food and enjoying what I am doing, avoiding toxic people.
Pilates and yoga help a lot.
What foods do you always have in the house?
Chicory coffee and pasta of course!
How do you look after your body?
I am very meticulous when we talk about beauty products: I use only natural ingredients that are certified.
I always use an SFP cream to be protected from the UV.
Spending some hours in nature really makes me feel better.
Our body is the mirror of our inside mood.
When would you say you feel your most beautiful?
I feel beautiful when I feel that I am doing something positive for other people or when I’m starting a new project.
I think mornings set the tone for the day, what’s your morning routine before you start working? And how does it differ on the weekends?
A wake-up kiss makes the difference.
We love breakfast and then enter in the everyday duties in a positive way. Some sport is a must.
Weekends are not different except when we escape from Milano.
When you're stressed out, what's the thing in your life that becomes a metaphor for the inner chaos?
My skin and mind can be a vicious enemy.
Life changing book you`ve read?
Tiziano Terzani: Un altro giro di giostra. Viaggio nel male e nel bene del nostro tempo
(One More Ride On The Merry Go Round)
It taught me that every second counts.
What is your daily beauty regimen? What is your weekly beauty regimen?
Double cleansing with a micro scrub and an oil, eye cream, serum, spf 50 in the morning. It’s the same in the weekend and for the night, I just switch up some products.
Tell us one of your personal best kept beauty secrets?
Use less make-up, and eat more healthy food.
Where do you go for treatments in Milan?
Dermalogica in Moscova with Sara. I would love to go to the Tata Harper’s spa but there’s not one in Italy!
How would you spend a perfect day in Milan?
Just chilling, walking around in the park, enjoying the sun, and finding a nice spot to eat with some friends.
Your favorite health spots in Milan?
Every place that sells celery juice.
Favorite restaurant in Milan? In the world?
The Latteria in San Marco is something special: home food for people, simple as life should be.
Your favorite holistic destination around the world?
Nature and the ocean on the west/north of France.
What does self-love mean to you?
Being in harmony with other people and myself.
Credit Ph: Licia Florio