Stilblut´s Musings. Meet Veronika aka Stilblut, our Muse & Heroine contributing editor

'When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.'

This quote by Jean Shinoda Bolen captures perfectly, why holistic beauty became such an important part of my life.
Living in today's world with all the hurry, instability about the future and constant overstimulation makes it so important, to save calming hours for yourself, which helps to slow down and look after your mind and your body.
Taking good care of yourself is the key to nearly everything - health, contentment, self-love, and of course happiness.
I struggled for many years to follow my own advice, starting from saying yes when I meant to not taking care of both my body and my soul.
Being closer to 40 than 30 now gave me kind of a wake-up call - if not taking more care of myself now, when then?
So besides trying to change special behavior to achieve more what I want, not what others expect, I'm focusing on pampering myself with all the good things I'm able to get my hands on my time, nature, and of course nutrition and beauty.
With beauty I mean not only plain products but holistic items that help me to relax, practicing precious self-care rituals and of course providing me with happy, healthy & glowing skin.
And that's what I'm here for:
Offering you the best & most helpful tips, information, and devices which will give you guidance in the huge area of well-being, beauty, and nutrition. I want to introduce products and rituals, which bring joy, relaxation, and health to you, as hassle-free as possible - it shouldn't feel too challenging or overwhelming.
I can't wait to start this holistic journey with you together.

Interview with Veronika Haslinger, aka Stilblut.

Hello Veronika, it’s such a pleasure to have you on LIVE LIKE A HEROINE. First thing first, could you explain what holistic lifestyle means to you and why it’s such an important message to spread?
Thank you and I’m extremely happy to be a part of this amazing project and journey!
I think if there is one thing which 2020 teaches us, then it’s that life is never going to be as expected and that we can’t control certain things and happenings.
But what we can influence, is our mental and physical health and there has never been a better time to pause, have a look at what we really want, and take care of ourselves. For me, it means to live my life more mindful, take good care of my body, listen to it, focus on healthy nutrition, make sure that I avoid toxic relationships and give myself a break when I need it.
And this philosophy is applicable also in the beauty sphere. Can you explain why?

The kind of products that are represented by Live like a Heroine is exactly what I want and need to practice holistic health and beauty. Because I want to spoil myself with precious products and tools for wellbeing and self-care which bring joy, gratitude, and mindfulness to my space – exactly what these kinds of beauty products do. The concept of these products and tools includes to stop and pause when using them. No hurry, just you, conscious breathing, unwinding, and enjoying the delicate textures and natural therapeutic aromas.



While on the subject, would you like to talk us through the skincare products that you are loving at the moment?

I just started to use a retinol product by LILFOX, a green beauty brand from California which offers excellent natural skincare with maximum efficiency. The texture of the Dewy Dream Beam is so nice – clear and dewy and I love that my skin feels so soft the next day after applying it in the evening. Obviously I love clear and jelly textures and The Golden Dew Mask by Seed To Skin is another favorite product, perfect for summer thanks to the super lightweight texture and the hydrating and plumping effect. Talking about hydration: the Sublime Hydrating Treatment Essence by Nazan Schnapp is the most luxurious face mist I've ever tried. The most delicate ingredients provide my skin with moisture while I’m taking a deep breath to inhale the sweet and soft flowery scent.


Where do you find out about new products and treatments? As a beauty blogger you must receive hundreds of new products to test every month – how do you choose the lucky ones that end up on your bathroom shelf?

A lot of them find me nowadays. Many brands write me a message and introduce themselves and then I have a closer look at the ingredients and the concept. Or I see them at another beauty account, mostly the ones who are focused on green beauty. So because most brands ask before they send me something, I can select and limit it a bit.  But it’s still overwhelming, so I listen to both my inner skin voice and my curiosity. Some products just call my name, especially when they promise glow or radiance ;)

What is your daily beauty regimen?

The most important step in the morning: washing my face with ice-cold water, the colder the better. Next comes a face mist or essence or just thermal water. Then I’m using a serum - currently a vitamin c serum or hyaluronic acid. While the skin is still damp, I apply a face oil and then my face cream. Last but not least: SPF.
In the evening, I double cleanse, use a toner or thermal water, and then my retinol product or serum and oil again. Face cream on top and a bit oil on my brows and lashes.

What is the inspiration behind your gorgeous photography?

Light. As soon as the sun comes out, I’m getting restless and the ideas for pictures start to pop up.


What does self-love mean to you?

Nowadays it means especially one thing: saying 'no', no matter if it’s pleasing or not. I completely failed at it during my twenties and neglected what I wanted instead of what others expect. I need a lot of time for myself, for example (like really a lot), and many people have problems understanding that. I’m introverted plus highly sensitive and felt so often like a weirdo. But finally, I’m at a point where I’m trying to embrace this part of me and do what is good for me, letting social expectations pearl off and follow my own special path.

First thing in the morning? And the last thing before bed?

Using a tongue scraper. Taking magnesium.

Your go-to breakfast.

The healthy version: celery juice and cereals. The not so healthy version: self-made strawberry jam from my mother on a piece of sourdough bread. Coffee, always.

What are the three beauty products you always have in your handbag?

Lip care, a cream highlighter and clean mascara brush for my brows - I hate it when they are out of control, brushing them in a boyish shape makes me feel like I have my things together.

What would be your favorite holistic destination?

I’m not so into traveling due to sustainable reasons, but everything with nature, saltwater and delicious food is tempting so…Italy is always a favorite holistic destination.

What do you do to relax?

Being all by myself or with my cats, walking through the forest, reading a book, enjoying the silence, and of course self-care rituals like extensive skincare or taking a bath with herbs and salts.

Most worn piece of clothing.

My vintage Levi’s 501 - I have around 10.


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