5 Steps Guide to Lower the Environmental Impact of your Beauty Routine

Our chance to shine and thrive strictly depends on nature. Self-care and self-love are all about prioritising nourishment for our well-being both inside and outside our body, mentally and physically.

As we practice them day by day, we should always keep in mind what primarily allows the regeneration of our bodies: nature, the creator of all living things.
Everyday we breathe fresh air thanks to natural cycles, we use the sun's energy to wake up and power ourselves. Nature provides us with precious ingredients in the form of plants which serve us as wholesome food, but also as resources for our amazing experts, chemists, and scientists to create our incredible beauty products. There's no need to stress how important it is to protect the natural ecosystem, for it gives us life and beauty.
Even in our daily self-love routines we can follow a few simple steps to lower the impact we have on the natural environment, keeping in mind that every small action makes a big difference. Here's how you can do it:
First and foremost, you should always choose natural clean beauty products which do not include oil-derived ingredients or nasty chemicals. You don't wanna put on your face and body something which is highly polluting for air and waters. Diverse natural ingredients are always to be preferred, as they are safe, nutritious, and non-polluting.
Select products which come in glass bottles rather than plastic bottles. Not only you avoid the risk of plastic contamination, but also glass can be recycled over and over again. In Europe, on average we recycle 74% of available glass. Additionally, glass is not oil-derived.

If you are in love with one specific product, check if they offer it in a bigger sized bottle. If they don't, you can send an email or directly message the brand to ask for it. This will maximise the resources needed to package and ship the product, not to mention it will last you a lot longer. You can always use small refillable glass or metal tins to carry with you when travelling.
Make sure to use all your products thoroughly, so that nothing goes to waste. You don't want to forget any products at the back of your drawer otherwise it will expire, it won't be good to use anymore and you'd have wasted a lot of nutritious resources for your skin.
When you completely finish your product, make sure to rinse the bottle very well and recycle it separating its parts. You may have to take off the plastic pump from the glass bottle, but make sure to put each of them in the correct recycling bin. We suggest to check your local municipality rules for guidance.
    Through this easy steps we can love ourselves and give love back to our primary resource which is nature. Supporting our environment is first and foremost crucial to our own wellbeing as muses and heroines.
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