Meet Annee, Founder of De Mamiel

What was the journey that led you to create De Mamiel
The de Mamiel skin collection was never something I had planned to do. I built my clinical practice combining of all the modalities I have studied over the years- Anatomy & Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Clinical Aromatherapy, Craniosacral and Breathwork. My brand came out of a need for effective at-home aftercare for my patients.  I wanted products that worked on an emotional level, on a physical level and at a much deeper cellular level to create real change. The response from my patients was overwhelming and this ultimately drove the wider brand launch. Everything I create addresses the root cause of a problem or symptom that's manifesting on the skin, I go deeper to see what’s causing the problem as opposed to just putting a band aid over it. People love my bespoke approach to dealing with the effects of stress on face and body and it seems to resonate with their needs.
How does your lifestyle influence the products you choose to develop? 
Early in my career I worked on a financial trading floor, a super high-pressure environment and, whilst I didn’t appreciate it at the time, seeing the effects of that environment and the toll it took on me remains. This, and my studies of the human body led me to incorporate holistic rituals such as meditation and breathing into my daily routine. I was developing products I wanted to create something incredible that would not only work on the skin but also at a deeper level to treat the underlying cause. Layer in an additional emotional level of treatment to help reduce stress and the results are transformative.
What rituals do you include in your daily or weekly self-care practices?
Movement – running, spinning, yoga, walking Willow my bordoodle
Facial massage
What is one thing you wish everyone knew about taking good care of their skin? 
Everyone is unique, so find the routine that is right for your particular skin and lifestyle. That… and the power of breathing!
What are your thoughts on aging well and longevity in general?
I think aging is so much about being comfortable with who you are and where you are in life, accepting the lines and wrinkles that come with age and experience, they tell a story of your life’s journey.
What is your daily and weekly wellness regimen?
Eat, Move, Play, Laugh and the occasional glass of champagne
Tell us about how a product comes to life at de Mamiel!  
It can take a really long time! Formulation always begins with my patients and their needs. I start by investigating what is the root cause of the issue. I look at what’s happening in the body from a Physiological perspective, the body’s chemistry and the mind, how we are feeling from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective- a truly holistic perspective. I then take a deeper dive into body to see what’s going on at a cellular level.
My process unites Science and Soul – once I have figured out what I need to address the research begins. Clinical papers into the why and how, followed by ingredients and further research. The Sleep
Series is a great example of this in practice, I first looked at what was keeping people awake and went from there. I started by observing patterns of imbalance and disharmony in body and then I considered it from a purely physiological perspective, so what does the body need to go to sleep? The obvious thing here is melatonin, so my question was how do we create more? It’s about channelling through the bio-chemical pathways to figure out how to do this; we need serotonin and to get serotonin we require tryptophan in our diet. However, we need magnesium, zinc and B vitamins to absorb tryptophan, so it was actually about finding the right base product to support this absorption. It’s then about layering in aromatherapy to get that additional emotional efficacy.
How has your own beauty regimen changed over time? 
I was a Aussie triathlete who grew up in the outback. Beauty was never a big part of life for me growing up, but now it is an important moment in my day to just take time for me. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the demands on my time. It is my few minutes each day, just for me!
What is your favourite way to move your body and exercise?
Walking my dog. Time out walking with Willow not only gets me moving but is my time to think, plan, but most of all to smile and laugh at her antics.
What do you do to unwind, relax and rest well?
Exercise and movement are key, I believe that sets you up for the day. A relaxing soak in the tub at the end of the day helps me unwind from the activities of the day and soothe aching muscles, including my brain! I really love cooking and dining around a big table surrounded by friends chatting and laughing lots! A glass of wine here and there never goes amiss too!
First thing you do when you wake up?
Make a cup of warm water and lemon and then take Willow for a walk.
Last thing you do before bed?
Give thanks for my day and all it has given me. Usually while massaging in my Skin Recovery Balm. 
Your go-to breakfast?
When time allows, Sourdough toast, poached eggs and avocado. Otherwise it’s a piece of fruit and some nuts on the run.
You feel a cold coming on. What`s your plan of action?
A night off!!! A bath with Altitude Soak and lots of Altitude Oil – echinacea, arnica, Vitamin C Lemon, honey and ginger, on my chest, pulse points and in steam inhalations.
Life changing book you've read?
The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, the poem is so very powerful and simple, it really speaks from the heart of what is so powerful.
Favourite holistic wellness destination?
Being on a boat or anywhere where there is sea. I am inspired by the ocean, its colour, the ozone and being immersed in water. The warmth of the sun, salty air and wind in my hair, that’s it for me. I am a Pisces after all!!