Here’s why raw Manuka Honey is the perfect healing product to tackle any of your skin conditions

 We get a lot of questions about if our raw Activist Mānuka Honey can help with the relief and healing of skin conditions such as Dermatitis, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne and more. And our answer is…ABSOLUTELY YES.

Skin conditions can be some of the most awkward and uncomfortable health issues for people because it is something that is hard to hide. Skin conditions are right there for those first impressions, hellos, and goodbyes. Skin health can really affect people’s self-esteem. We often sweep these conditions under the rug in lieu of normalizing and sharing personal journeys and battles. But, we should talk about them! Skin issues are totally normal. Most of us, if not all, battle exterior health issues at some point in our lives. And even more, the advances in skin health make navigating relief and healing much more accessible. But why do we get these skin conditions in the first place?
The truth is skin conditions usually correlate to the liver and/or lymphatic system health. The liver is our primary mode of detoxification. It absorbs everything, including mental and environmental stressors. The lymphatic system drains blood and promotes circulation throughout the body. Too many toxins and gunk can get stuck and overwork the lymphatic system, causing the system to go into overdrive and send toxins up to the dermis and epidermis. This goes for the liver as well. If the liver is sluggish or overburdened, it will send some of the unwelcome scavengers up to the skin for filtration. We also need to remember that with most skin conditions, healing needs to focus on the inside as much as the outside.
IIt can be overwhelming to sift through the internet noise to find information on the best cure or relief for the uncomfortable skin conditions. There is this product combined with that supplement combined with everything else. It can go on and on. And some really do help. But, one of the many reasons we love Mānuka is its simplicity. This golden nectar of the gods speaks directly from nature itself. It has multifaceted uses and can be applied to the skin to heal almost any condition.
Mānuka is the quintessential antidote to almost any skin issue. This is because the methylglyoxal found in Mānuka Honey has been found to promote skin regeneration, repair cellular damage, calm inflammation, and get rid of bacteria. It has also been shown to increase and protect the production of collagen in the skin, promoting structural growth and regrowth. Mānuka’s amino acids harmonize the pH balance of our skin. In addition, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Mānuka has extraordinary healing properties for skin conditions. It can reduce redness and heal congested or inflamed skin such as eczema or psoriasis. Additionally, Mānuka can be used for its antibacterial properties on the skin by oxygenating pores, which can draw out or reduce the number of bacteria on blemishes. This can drastically improve acne-prone skin. Mānuka truly is magical at repairing skin damage and health.
We recommended externally using Mānuka in whatever way you need it! You can use it as a daily face wash, lather on as a mask, or even simply spot treat certain areas or wounds when needed. We would especially recommend washing regularly with Activist 100+ MGO honey or 300+ MGO honey, lather weekly masks with our 850+ MGO honey, and spot treat with 1000+ MGO honey.