Interview with Marie Marot: all about Women, Fashion and Feminine Energy

Marie is not only the founder of the coolest and most timeless shirt brand: she is also the empowering creator of the fashion-forward, super sexy IG-account showing lots of naked skin. Here's an insight into her world.


Which is your favorite part of a woman`s body and why?
Hands, I love all the differents hand gestures that people can have. It’s so personal.
And I aslo love the link between hands and as time passes.
Nails are also a very important part of us.
What is your most worn piece of clothing?

A shirt of course! I used to wear shirts since I’m a teen. I feel very comfortable and sexy.

What makes you feel the best?

I think it’s a mix of many things – a quality sleep – being happy in your business -  Feeling good with yourself, your mind & your body – be surrouned by positive & kind people.

What do you do to stay healthy?

A small fast for 1 day for detoxifing my body, I wish I could do more but step by step – I walk everyday and taking some natural probiotics.

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

Take a bath with lavender essential oil or baking soda and then doing NOTHING!

What is your daily beauty regimen? What is your weekly beauty regimen?

Above all, I’m trying to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables – the skin is directly affected by what you eat and your digestion. And now I’m only using some natural oils for my skin – you should be able to “eat” what you put on your face…

What do you use for your body?

Hemp oil, primrose oil, sweet almond oil, apricot oil…Oils with a cold pressing are the best.

Your bathroom: more is more or Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo !!! all my products are in the dark and hidden !

Tell us one of your personal best kept beauty secrets?

A quality sleep !!!!! Sleep matters so much ! and in the morning I always try to wait before to wash my face. And I also dry brush my body sometimes and do some face massages.


 What is the best piece of advice you`ve ever received?

The less products you use, the better. Eat well – sleep well – and use only natural things.

 Life changing book you`ve read?

Irene Grosjean’s book, she is naturopath docteur since 55 years, so one of the first one to say how the food is important for your health…

 Favorite App on your phone?

Calm for a best sleep.

What restaurants do you like to visit around the world?

Local restaurants!

 What are your travel hotel tips?

Asking for a quiet room – a good view and high floor – never close to the lift…

Who do you see for treatments in Paris?

Sophie Carbonari or Delphine Langlois.

 Last thing before bed?

Regenerate the air of my bedroom – I like to sleep in a fresh room.

Any bedside beauty essentials?

A bottle of water!

What does self love mean to you?

I want to age well very well, so all the good things you do now for yourself are influencing your future of Aging.

 Please share with us your most healing self love ritual?

Being in love... ;)

Find Marie on Instagram @marie_marot.