Meet Dr. Maryam Zamani and Discover the High-Performance Skincare of MZ Skin

Every now and then, we all love a glamourous trend. That cleanser that supermodels swear by. That cream that claims to turn you into an ageless goddess. That hyped serum that all make-up artists use backstage. “If it works on them, it will work on me”, won’t it? But recently, on our best skincare quest, we have found ourselves searching more for facts, than claims. More truths than captions. More proven results than hype.

 At Muse & Heroine we have always taken the “nerd” approach when scouting new brands to introduce you, and more so in recent times, we have been on the lookout for clinically proven and scientifically researched skincare brands that are worth investing in, products that have well overcome the test of celebs and the hype of the moment because they never needed it. 

Today we have the pleasure to introduce you the brilliant mind behind MZ Skin, a doctor-formulated high performance skincare created by Dr. Maryam Zamani.


Dr. Maryam Zamani is a global leading Aesthetic Doctor and Oculoplastic Surgeon based in London with over 15 years in practice as one of the UK’s most well-respected surgeons. This experience allowed her to gain an innate understanding of her clients, how they live and exactly what they wanted from their regime.

This first- hand insight led to Dr. Zamani creating a range of products with unrivalled performance using scientifically-proven ingredients of the highest possible calibre.

The MZ Skin range is made by women from women and originated as a result of necessity: Dr. Zamani proves that high-performance and clinically endorsed skincare doesn’t have to compromise the luxury of appearance and any sensory experience.

 Dr.Maryam’s three steps skincare philosophy is at the heart of MZ Skin collection and stands for three main cornerstones: Reveal, Enhance and Protect. This results in an alchemy of medically based know-how, feminine passion, and determination. All ingredients are ethically sourced, and each product is carefully formulated with pioneering ingredients and trusted actives, to deliver the healthiest and most beautiful complexion.

We got up close and personal with Dr. Maryam Zamani and here's what she told us:

Why did you specialize in Oculoplastic Surgery?
Oculoplastic Surgery is when you focus really on the eye area doing reconstructive and plastic surgery. I love it because it’s precise meaning that everything is super delicate. I also wanted to be in a sub-specialty that had immediate result, which means that I do a procedure and really quite soon afterwards you can see the results. It’s very gratifying, not just for the patient but also for me. And third, I really wanted to be a specialist in one area and the eyes is something that you most notice when you start to age, so that was really why it drew me to Oculoplastic.
What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received?

The best beauty advice I got was just to smile. Everybody always looks better when they have a smile on their face!

What’s your favorite self-love ritual?
If I had a perfect day to spend for myself, it would be waking up late, because I love to sleep in, and which I never do. And then I’d love to go on a two-hour hike on the water, seaside, preferably in Saint Tropez. I come back to a delicious lunch filled with fruits and veggies. I then would embark on a skincare regimen, so I would draw a beautiful salt bath, I would start with the Radiance Renewal Mask going so for about 15-20 minutes, wash off my face, take my shower, come out, do a beautiful Red Mask, our vitamin-infused red mask, to replenish all the vitamin renewals in my skin. That sits there for about 10 to 15 minutes, I take that off to the LED for about 10-15 minutes, and then I continue with my skincare routine, put on a nice pair of sweats and comfy clothes and probably either sit down with a book or turn on Netflix!
Who’s your beauty icon?

Can I have two beauty icons? I have one that’s living and one that unfortunately it’s no longer with us. But one is Princess Diana because she was so true to herself, always with her very dark lower eyelid eyeliner, very natural look and that boyish haircut, elegantly dressed and always very true to her classic self. I’ve always loved that image of her, and I feel all of her images are really “her”.

And my second one would be Cindy Crawford because I still think she’s gorgeous and I just love the life that she has created, so it’s not just about the fact that she’s simply stunning and has a beautiful skincare regimen, but also, she’s into this healthy living, with exercises and the meditation, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. I just love the combination of all of that she portrays in her social media.

Three staples you keep on your bedside table?

On my bedside table I have a lot of things, but I always have lip balm because I love to put a little on my lips before I go to sleep. I also have a little jewelry tray when I take all my jewelry off before I go to sleep as well. And right now, because my daughter sleeps with me, we have her sleeping eye pads, the unicorn one, so when she comes into my bed, she places them on her eyes before she goes to sleep!

What’s your favorite product from the range and why?
That’s so impossible to choose, I love all of them and that’s why I created them! I would probably say the Soothe & Smooth Eye Cream is my hero product, because I really wanted something that was going to treat fine lines and wrinkles while also treating the dark circles. And for me that was imperative. I also can’t live without the Brighten & Perfect because I suffer from pigmentation and it’s just so efficacious, it has 40% reduction in pigmentation while hydrating the skin so I really can’t live without either one of those two. And finally, it would be the Rest & Revive, that is literally sleep in a bottle. I’m always lacking in sleep, unless I’m on holiday, and for me that really saves my skin every morning.
What advice would you give to all the women who are looking to start their own business?
There’s so much advice I would give, and I’m still getting so much advice from my own mentors. First would be to have a mentor and to have some guidance, whether it's a friend, a colleague, an entrepreneur, it doesn’t really matter. Just find your tribe because that’s important. And I would also say be true to yourself and your vision and goals. If you’re true to those, you’ll always find a way to make it happen. And remember, there’s hills and valleys in everything you do. Sometimes there will be good days and other times there will be bad days. Remember to always pat yourself on the shoulder, and your team, whenever you’re having a good time. That’s what makes you get through the more difficult times.
Your favorite brunch order?
My favorite brunch order is my favorite meal of the day, I could live on breakfast all the time so I would literally order the entire menu. Usually poached eggs, because that’s the good thing to have, but then I would probably order pancakes, a nice smoothie. I’d have a matcha latte with coconut milk. There’s so much I would order, but literally the entire menu!
Name three people, dead or alive, you would like to have dinner with
There are so many people that I’d love to have over for dinner, but I’d love to start with the Queen, just because she is just such an icon, such a strong powerful woman who is also so humble and appears to be very kind. She also lived through so much history so it would be interesting to hear her perspective on different thoughts and ideas. I would also love to have dinner with the Patriarch of the Lauder family, Leonard Lauder. It would be very interesting to hear the evolution of Estée Lauder and the entire brand, the acquisitions that they had throughout the years. I finally I would love to have dinner with my mother’s mother because I never had a chance to meet her or to really get to know her, and I think just in terms of family that would be very interesting for me.


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