Meet Emma Sawko, the lady behind of one of Muse&Heroine's favorite health spots ever

Emma Sawko is the founder of one of the coolest health spot in Paris as well as Dubai`s best concept store. Moreover Emma created the best hot chocolate in the world called „Chocolate Chaga“ which is my personal obsession.

After living in Paris and New York, where I was working in advertisement, I followed my husband to Dubai and I thought it was time for me to start my own business. I missed New York, the city I was born in, as well as the Parisian art de vivre, the cool shops and cafés. That’s how Comptoir 102’s story started: a laid-back villa with furniture, design, fashion, jewelry and a little healthy café, all under one roof. I wanted everything to reflect the way I lived, the fashion I wore, the designers I loved… and the food I ate. Because that’s the way I grew up: my mother cooked healthy, simple organic food, and I just did the same.
At first, I thought people in Dubai were not really into that kind of food and it would be just my friends and I hanging in there… but so many people loved it and kept asking for more: more space, more health talks and cooking classes, longer opening hours… In the end I realized people were more passionate about healthy food and wellbeing than I originally thought, and since I could not push the walls to accommodate more people in our 102 restaurant, I decided to push the healthy vibe a little stronger, and I opened open Wild & the Moon, a 100% plant-based food concept. 
First thing you do in the morning?

I drink a glass of water with a splash of apple cider vinegar. It helps cleaning the digestive track and clears the skin, giving it a healthy glow. If I feel tired, I just take a teaspoon of raw Manuka honey, one of Mother Earth’s special gift to us,

I am totally addicted to the one of Activist.

After that, I work-out for one hour before breakfast. Boxing or Yoga. I just can’t start my day without it. 

What is your go-to breakfast? 

I often have a smoothie with plant-based protein or my homemade granola if my children have been kind enough to leave me some. They eat truckloads of the stuff. 

 What is your favorite way to pamper yourself? 

A kobido facial massage or foot reflexology. I am a natural beauty treatments enthusiast. 

What is your daily beauty regimen? What is your weekly beauty regimen? 

I have a very simple routine and never used much on my skin. I really believe in the less is more approach. I only use natural oil serums from clean beauty brands I trust, and no make-up. My true beauty regimen lies within few principles: a healthy plant-based diet, exercise and clean beauty products. I need all this to be combined to feel good and have a glowing skin.

What do you use for your body? 

The radiant monoi body balm from Marine and Vine, which has a totally decadent texture and smell and leaves your skin silky and moisturized, or just a pure organic coconut oil. 

Your bathroom: more is more or Marie Kondo?

Hm... I would like to say Marie Kondo since I just mentioned I believe in “less is more”, but the truth is, I am trying a lot of different brands for our beauty corner in Comptoir 102. We always are on the watch for new brands that are both clean, using pure ingredients, but also effective, with powerful natural molecules. Hence my bathroom shelves being pretty crowded! 

What are your thoughts on aging?

There are many things I love about getting older, even though the physical changes are not always the nicest part. But I believe you can look amazing at any age. I saw tremendous changes on my body when I transited to a 100% plant-based diet, and my skin looked brighter and younger.

I think many people are aging themselves unnecessarily with bad diets and bad habits and then try to fix it with medical procedures. While a healthy lifestyle with good food and regular exercise will keep you looking great for a very long time.

The idea is not to look 15 years younger, but to look great and radiant at any age. 

Tell us one of your personal best kept beauty secrets? 

A healthy plant-based diet and exercise everyday. It’s not a secret, we all know it somehow… but the secret is to make it your daily routine.  

What are the three beauty products you always have in your handbag?

 I don’t wear make-up, but I have a little Noto pot for lips and cheeks that nourishes and hydrates and gives an instant little glow. I also keep a face oil if my skin feels dry in heat, cold or AC. I love the one from Le Prunier, it’s one of the best oil I have tried. I always have it with me. And my phone, but that’s not a beauty product, so yes, my bag is pretty light:) 

An expensive-but-worth-it product or treatment? 

A very good facial massage is a great treat. My facialist in Paris is specialised in Kobido, a traditional Japanese technique and it feels like an intense workout for the face. It erases wrinkles, plumps the skin, makes it look refreshed, rested and leaves you with an amazing glow. 

Your favorite supplements? 

I was never a big fan of supplements - too often derived from synthetic molecules and not always effective, sometimes even dangerous. I am a firm believer that food should be the only medicine and provides us with all the nutriments our body needs. That said, we sometimes feel tired and wired, especially in the middle of winter or during times of stress. Keeping that in mind, we designed a superfood line with potent, REAL food to be added to your diet as well as powerful blends for detox, energy, skin or relaxing. The fact that these are real food, which your body can recognize, with all the elements of the plant working synergetically, make it more bioavailable to your body, and hence way more potent and beneficial.

Favorite Wild&The Moon dish and juice? 

Our philosophy is to cook whatever is in season, so we change our menu very often, and I usually go for the plat du jour. My juice obsession at the moment is the Pink Panther made of raw coconut and rose waters– a shot of intense hydration with the prettiest color. 

What can we expect for the future of Wild & The Moon? 

Plenty of surprises, new collaborations, new cities, and new items to die for on the menu… But more than anything, working on how to reduce even more our carbon footprint, making our health and the one of the planet our absolute priority. During the Covid crisis, we took this break to further refine our concept and better define our priorities. In addition to being 100% plant-based, organic, seasonal and plastic free, we now want to favor local agriculture and the small producers in our area.

 Favorite holistic healing treatments?

 Meditation. Healing is in our own hands. 


You feel a cold coming. What`s your plan of action?

I didn’t have a cold in a loooong time! It’s always good to stay hydrated with hot drinks -like our chai, which is loaded with antiviral spices. A good acerola is the ultimate vitamin C supplement. Antiviral herbs such as thyme, oregano, rosemary are also good to add to your food. And our flu hero is our Bam Shot, made of turmeric, fresh ginger, black pepper and lemon, it’s a life saver really!

 Favorite App on your phone?

Bikemap. I am getting around in Paris on a bike and this app shows you all the cycling tracks. 

Last thing before bed? 

Trying to ditch phones and emails… so herbal tea and a good book in an ideal world.

Any bedside beauty essentials? 

A glass of water and a few drops of our organic CBD oil. 

What does self-love mean to you?

Accepting who I am (a real journey…!) and making sure I am doing the best I can to nourish my body, my mind, my soul, and the people around me. I am not saying I am always the best at it, but I am trying…


 Please share with us your most healing self-love rituals? 

I am a workaholic and sometimes I do too much, to the point I end up completely drained physically, emotionally and mentally. I have to literally force myself to stop and recharge. It was the case again a few years ago, and just as I could not function properly anymore, I decided to go on a yoga retreat with my sister. It was the reset I needed and an the most precious time of sister love and bonding. I left feeling recharged on every plane. We promised ourselves to make it a yearly ritual since and I can’t imagine not doing it now. Boy those retreats are precious to me…